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Your Company And What Accompanies You

The company you keep matters on what accompany you or does not
Words In Season:

The company you keep determines what accompany you and what does not.
Adapted and abridged

“And being let go, they went to their own company, and reported all that the chief priests and elders has said unto them”
                                     Acts 4:23

Walking and hanging out with men and women of like minds and values saves you from stumbling through a life of making damning errors that may have lifelong consequences.
On this platform, we have discussed a group of secondary school girls in Lagos, who hate to be corrected by their teachers.
And each time any of the school teacher dares them, they wait till after school hours to waylay him and teach him the lessons of his life.
They are also still learning the lessons of their life as at press time, never knowing what to make out of their lives. Proverbs 13:18. Only that it is rather funny, that some of them are still blaming others for woes that betide them, rather than coming to terms with their wayward past and ask God for His plenteous mercy. And we all know that until the prodigal son humbled himself and “came to himself” he kept feeding with the pigs!
Because many of them who are partakers of such sacrilegious acts, found themselves in the wrong company. And it is the company you keep that determines what accompany you and what does not accompany you. Show me what a man will become in 20 years time; just show me the company he keeps today.
When you are in the right company, you may still have your differences but that will be slight, minimal and easy to correct and laugh over matters.But NOT fundamental issues that borders on values, beliefs and principles would you have differences because of shared mutual values.
The admistrator and anchor of this very platform has vowed never to be a student of “relativity” but of realistic “absolutism” He does not believe in the school of fallacy of “...nothing is absolutely right and nothing is absolutely wrong...”
Jimmy Cliff the reggae musician sang “you can't be wrong and be right, no matter how hard you may try” He is in full agreement with Jimmy. That you cannot be wrong and still be wrong at the same time. It is either something is RIGHT or wrong, GOOD or bad, RIGHTEOUS or unrighteous, IDEAL or not ideal etc. Even if your claim is that the other party that was the first to be wrong, the truth still remains that two wrongs cannot make a right. Along these lines of thought, he form his values and principles.
And that has made him a sort of an irredeemable hardliner on any issues that borders on right or wrong, virtues or vices.
Then how do we manage along in life to smile in the midst of this “anything goes” generation, and still maintain a peaceful co-existence?
By walking with our own company.
Keeping company with men of like minds and values, rubbing minds with of men of higher ideals and principles. Then maintain a friendly “hello/hi” disposition to the rest. Never should we make attempts at joining issues with others of different thoughts and inclinations, on matters that borders on values or virtues lest get unto ourselves blots and bruises.
BE FRIENDLY WITH ALL, BUT DON'T BE A FRIEND OF ALL. Friendship is by choice not by force, says a man of God. Birds of the same feather, the adage says, flocks together.
But you can choose the best of all friends today, and begin to keep company with Him and His friends. You can come to Him, take His yoke you and learn of His high ideals, values and way of life. Really, He is “THE WAY”
Jesus is “The Way, The Truth and The Life” No one comes to The Father, except by Him. Not even by any religion no matter the name, creed or tenets or number of pillars. It is only by One Person Who said of Himself “I Am The Way”. Come to The Father through The Way – Jesus today and be saved.


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