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The Rewards Of Knowledge Is More Knowledge

Tools of knowledge

Words In Season:

The more you learn, the more you discover that there is still need to learn, because there is still more to be learnt.
                               The King's Scribe


"A wise man shall hear and will increase learning, a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels"

                           Proverbs 1:5

It is a common saying that learning is a continuous process. A boss of mine in Ibadan in 1986 used to say "we learn everyday. The day a man graduate from learning, then his actor is about to leave the stage before the ovation dies down. Someone said;
 beware of a man who never say "I don't know"
Jesus said "....take My yoke upon you and LEARN of me...." Matthew 11:29
An invitation to Jesus is an invitation to knowledge. Not an invitation to ignorance. Not an invitation to religion and doctrinal politics and intrigues!.
We invite you to Jesus today to come and learn how to run your life, how to run your business, how to manage your finances, how to run your marriage, lest it becomes a mirage. We invite you to Jesus to come and learn how to fortify yourself spiritually, how to live right and live  well.


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