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The Power Of Inward Witness

The power of true witnesses

Words In Season:

Comparing what you were told to what you experienced is like comparing a tilapia with a whale.
         Soji Omole


"The Spirit HIMSELF beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God" 

                   Romans 8:16

Yesterday we spoke about evidences and witnesses that are enough to either convict a criminal if it is a judicial matter; and to convince as many as believes, if it relates to spiritual and eternal.
Today, we will touch the area of personal experience. Which we slightly touched yesterday. And that is thinking. The way you think, how you think and what you think is all about personal experience. You need not any to tell you that you think. You yourself know by personal experience that you thinks.
And personal experience is more convincing than a thousands stories with a million illustrations. He who feels it knows it, the song says.
The second personal experience that we will consider is that of inward witness. No one have access to your heart except you. Even the best God can do is KNOCK. Revelation 3:20:
"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock........"

If you open, He enters. If you refuse to, He stays outside. But may keep knocking. That is how much God respects your privacy. Strong and mighty as He is, He won't gatecrash into anyone's heart. God can do all things, but there are some things He won't do. And that is gatecrashing into a man's heart. Imposing His will on a man, He won't. It must be voluntary on the part of the man. You just must be willing and obedient, to eat the good of the land.  Isaiah 1:19.
Finally brethren, for those of us who believe, there is an inward witness within us. An inward witness convincing enough, convincing and still convincing us that we are on the right lane. And edging us to keep moving on. A tug in our soul, spilling over into our body in form of peace that passeth man's understanding and joy unspeakable, that we have hit the jackpot this time, for life and eternity!
And for you outside Christ, within you there is an inward witness, telling something is wrong somewhere. Of course it is. That is God outside, knocking. At least we all know how occupants of an apartment feel, when someone keeps knocking and knocking their door from outside. No peace, no rest within and without. It is conflicts within and conflict without. A common cockroach falls from the ceiling to the floor at night, you jerk up with fear and trepidation in your heart, thinking "they have come again"!
Come to Jesus today. Enough is enough. Ingathering of more millions won't silence it. Going for another vacation in Dubai or Hawaii won't. They will only wait for you to come back. Then it will be business as usual.
Give, your life to Christ today. Repent of your sins and receive His forgiveness. And He will save you from your past and from your sins, wipe the slate clean, and give you peace and rest, within and without.


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