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The Power Of Evidence

They don't have to be at the scene of a crime to convict the criminal. All they need are enough evidence and witnesses
Words In Season: 
A judge need not be at scene of a crime, but relies on enough evidence from witnesses to convict. So also we need not be at the scene of Biblical events but relied on enough evidence from witnesses to be convinced.
        The King's Scribe

“Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”
    Hebrews 11:1

Don’t tell me that it was when your stomach was ripped open, and you saw things for yourself that you believed that you have a liver, a pair of kidneys, etc. Otherwise you won’t be reading this. Even if you survived the operation to stitch back your tummy, you are likely to at the intensive care unit of a teaching hospital somewhere, recuprating. And grabbing an i-pad or a mini laptop to go online will be the last thing on your mind.

But you believed you have all these organs inside you. What did you rely on? Evidences and proofs.
The moment the air we breathe begin to have colours and be visible, we all agree it is polluted. Because on a normal day, the air we breathe in and out is not visible. Not even the carbon dioxide with all its carbons. Yet we believe air exists. Proofs and evidences? We all breathe it in and out.
Legendary Archbishop Benson Idahosa giving witness
Legendary Evangelist Benson Idahosa "giving evidence"
at the "witness box"
Now straight to the nitty gritty of the matter. Apart from breathing in and out, one of the activities that go on daily in your life is THINKING. You think, akane? Aka, you will say if you speak Hausa language. Meaning, it is so. That you think is a proof that God exists and devil his enemy and our enemy exists. Because your thoughts, good or evil, creative or destructive, wise or foolish, pure or lewd, is being influenced from two forces. Forces from God or forces from the pit of hell, devil’s operational headquarters.
If your thoughts are creative, honest, lovely, pure, virtuous, and of good reports, I bet you it is being influenced by God’s direct inspiration.

“But there is spirit in man; and the inspiration of The Almighty giveth them understanding“ Job 32:8
And if it is the opposite, be sure it is ‘lanroye’ as Yoruba’s call the devil that is working overtime in your mind. And his mission is to steal kill and destroy. So wake up! Wake and drop those stinking philosophical arguments questioning God’s existence and knowledge. That you are even thinking in that pattern is a proof of the existence of the two forces above. And who could now have been the one influencing your thoughts to question the knowledge of God?
With another co witness,
Bishop Francis Wale Oke. Dressing
up nicely is another proof and evidence
Your guess is as good as mine. Because he and God are arch enemies. And all he is doing is setting you against God. Because among many things that offend God is for someone to doubt him.
That is why I can’t but laugh at those who call themselves free thinkers. Amateur comedians they are!

Let none be surprised that I did not go into long scientific grammars, medieval events and theologies, to proof that God was, is, and is to come. What can be more simpler a proof than to relate it to a man’s day to day activities.
So do you think in addition to breathe? Do you on many occasions feel some trepidations and apprehensions in your soul? That could be Him, The Divine Visitor knocking at the doors of your heart. I believe it is time you open the doors to Him. Let him come into your heart to sup and dine with you.

How do you now prove further? By inviting Jesus Christ His Son into your life, as Lord and Saviour. If only and if only you can take this step, events that will follow after in your life will be more than enough proofs and evidences that He lives, He reigns and He rules in the affairs of men and nations.

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