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The Day God Told Adam The Story Of His Life

Words In Season:

When God said to Adam "..dust thou art...." He was telling Adam the story of his life in a brief summary.

                               Soji Omole.


".....for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shall thou return"

Genesis 3:19

Every one of us here has an history of how we started. A story of how we began our journey. Even The Great Master Himself, The Second Adam, God made sure He began from a manger. Isn't it interesting that the first Adam began from the dust and The Second Adam began from a manger? But how would God have arrange it as such?
Should the need arise for Him to tell any among both Adams the story of his life.
Has The Great Master over stepped His boundary, get puffed up as His fame and message spread abroad, begin to be high minded rather than be meek in spirit, disobedient, arrogant and act independent sort of "God take care of Yourself in Heaven, I too would take care of Myself here" Even walk out on God in the Garden of Gesthemane. Then God would have gotten no choice than to tell Him the story of His life. How He began from the manger, how He sweated and slaved away in an obscure carpenter's shed for over 20 years before He brought Him out of obscurity into limelight.
But to His glory and honour, Jesus remained humble and obedient, even to the point of death at Golgotha. And God, rather than tell Him the story of His life, EXALTED Him and gave a Name that is above all names! Not only that, He conferred unto Jesus ALL power "in heaven and in earth" Matthew 28:18.

But sadly, in as much as I would have love this discourse to have a happy ending on a positive note as this habit of mine is, the 1st Adam would not allow me.
Adam forgot where he was taken from, after God gave him riches, wealth and dominion over ALL.
Adam was the first ever multi billionaire on earth.
The thousand  cattle on the hills that now belongs to God, was formerly Adam's. Not only the thousand cattle, but all the animals in the world, carnivorous and omnivorous. Just name them. And actually, he named them. So he can keep a good account and inventory of them all, I perceive.
All the gold in the whole land of Havilah belongs to only him and his wife, Eve. Genesis 2:11. With the entire land mass of the earth in acres and hectares of real estate. Name what you want to do with them, be it to farm on them or build houses, you have to see Adam for the papers and title deeds.
But Adam lifted up his heart, chose to please his wife rather than please God. And God told him the story of his life "dust thou art..."
Many great men always have stories of humble beginnings. Many of them God took from nowhere to somewhere. From zero to hero. From grass to grace.

Humility: The pathway to honour
But again a great many of them forget where God took them from, after they got their breakthroughs, get promoted and elevated. Be it into high posts and positions or into high networth wealth and riches. All of a sudden they get puffed up, begin to square their shoulders and looked down on others. Suddenly it gets into their head and they become high minded. When matters that border on noble morals and upright choices between them and their fellows arise, all they begin to think of is their contacts in government and the military.
To these men, if they don't have someone to help them rethink their ways, God may have no choice than to remind them the story of their lives, as in where He took them from. And if need be, send them back there, as He did Adam, so they can start all over again.
A gold dust
Job even went as far ranking the fathers of men  younger than him, below his dogs. Not at the level of his dogs, o. But below his dogs. "....whose fathers I would have disdained to have set with the dogs of my flock" Job 30:1
God could take no more of that, so he told Job the story of his life, no hold barred! Not in words but in action! Finding a handy and willing tool in satan.
May you not misbehave to the point of forcing God to tell you the story of your life. Amen!
Even the breath in your nostrils, is given to you by God. Much more of where you are today, what you are today and what you have today.
Humility: the bridge to the
other side
 The surest way to avoid God telling you the story of your life, is not become high minded, but humble yourself remain upright in all your ways. And safest way is take the yoke of His Son Jesus upon you, so you can learn of His humble and meek lifestyle.
And way to go about it, is to receive, confess and accept Him as your personal Lord and Saviour. Even today.


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