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Testimonies Duplicate But God's Word Create

Words In Season:

Testimonies boost faith and duplicate instant miracles of similar genre. But God's word build up faith to receive and be a copy right owner of constant miracles.
  The King's Scribe


“……I commend you to God and the Word of His grace that is able to build you up and to give an inheritance among them which are sanctified” 

  Acts 20:32

If all Jesus went about sharing are testimonies of His virgin conception and how God preserved Him at birth from contacting infantile diseases, because of His birth in a manger, then one wonder if He would have built His Church upon this rock, He promised to build it.
We all know His Church are His called out people, whether they congregate in stone and marble amphitheater, or in a thatched roofed mud edifice.
When a group of a Christian fellowship, suddenly felt too big to be branded “churchy” and removed the old landmark of intensive Bible Study and teachings of God’s Word from the menu of their meetings and insisted it will now be sharing of testimonies, I knew trouble is on the way.
Otherwise what will be left again of gathering of believers when the study and teaching of God’s Word is asterisked out the agenda of a Christian gathering? Imagine a group of people coming to a restaurant and still leaving the same place with empty stomachs? Because what food is to the stomach, is what the knowledge of God’s Word is to the soul. And now that it is forbidden, one can imagine how famished, malnourished and emaciated such souls will be.
Even if common dry leaves drop on such, he will not only stumble but crash on the ground. Why not?
Everybody knows Hallelujah, is directly translated to mean “praise God” But it was also a forbidden fruit. Then what next, “eriwo ya!” or “kwenu!” at meetings? Things are better left are they are, like that old man told Augusta Muganza in the film “Sometimes In April”
In one’s life time, one is bound to encounter shocking things, unexpected from people that suppose to know better. This is just one of them.
God’s Word builds and not only that, it fortifies a man. The Word equips, kits and prepares a believer to dare even the lion in his den!
“That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” II Timothy 3:17.
As bread, it feeds the soul and as new wine, it intoxicates the soul and spirit. It is by intensive study, exposure to teaching and meditation on God’s word that a believer builds and keep  enjoying CONSTANT miracles not just an INSTANT miracle. Because “….faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” Romans 10:17. It is standing on God’s promises makes a man not to fear nothing when the howling storms of fear and doubt assails.
We can go on and on. When a man intensively studies, and is being regularly taught of God’s Word, he has an understanding of every issue of life, be they relationships, conflict management, businesses, finances, marriage, travels, personal safety and security, health, just name it. In so doing, he or she no longer fear what even fellow believers, not to talk of their fellow men fears.
“Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid” Isaiah 8:12
And as many as are still outside the commonwealth of God’s Kingdom, the Kingdom of power and all possibilities, come and taste the Word of His power today. It is sweet to the taste and surprisingly, it is free for as many as desired not to just have a bite, but eat to the fullest. Jesus is that Word that was, from the beginning, and He is still is, today and forever. Return and come unto Him today, and you shall be built up.
“If thou return to The Almighty, thou shall be built up” Job 22:23


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