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Playing God And Playing With God

Words In Season:

One thing that still baffles me about men is the way they play God and still play with God.                
    The King's Scribe 


"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man"               Ecclesiastes 12:13

I am still surprised at the way people think they can do just anything and simply get away with it. Do we call this moral impunity? And if it is, then what do we call it. This what I would rather call, playing with God and playing with fire!
I call it playing with God and His righteous principles, precepts and statutes. And when finally the cockerels come home to roost, your guess is as good as mine.

"Because sentence against an an evil is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil"                          Ecclesiastes 8:11

When I came to Lagos fully to settle in 1999, each time I express shock and surprise for every act of evil, the excuse I get from an average lagosian is "Èkó l'awà" Meaning "We are in Lagos" And the answer I give back to them each time I hear that silly excuse is "is the God of Lagos different from the God of Ibadan or other towns and cities?"
Still in this  same Lagos, a group of secondary school girls used to waylay and beat up teachers who flog them in class outside school hours.
To the university they headed after passing out. Many of them never graduated. The remaining that graduated among them, never found a meaningful job nor lived a meaningful life. Not to talk of a meaningful marriage.
Why? There is a gentleman God created in Yorubaland, called Àdàbí. Literally translated "Except If..." I learnt from an elder sister this year, that he is more deadly than the deadliest curse.
"Except if..." those teachers purpose of flogging those girls was not to correct them for wrongs they did and set them on the right path.
This blog is meant to impart knowledge, inform and empower readers in addition to the core mission of sharing the gospel of Christ.
Now let's learn together. There three authorities in a man's life.
1. God his or her creator
2. Parents, both father and mother.
3. His or her teachers.
Thank God for Gods' Word and his promises in the Bible over any who believes in Him.
Now let's come to our parents and teachers.
Everyone knows that the principal is the head teacher of any secondary school. That means his authority must be weightier. In my testimonial, my principal Chief Ayo Olayinka wrote "Olusoji Omole is a man of fairly satisfactorily conduct, he is very resourceful"
That which my principal say I am (he IS) still speaks in my life till date - VERY RESOURCEFUL. Resourcefulness has turned me from a job seeker to a job creator. By being resourceful, I have dug my way out of many manholes of situation of life that will sink and swallow others. "He is  very RESOURCEFUL"
The second one my mother used to comment on my words in childhood agreed with that of my principal. I would rather translate it direct from Ijesa dialect..."where the householder says there is no way, you always say this the way..."
I hardly give up on matters. I always find a way out, no matter the barrier or obstacles. I just must find a way, and work my way out.
As a marketer, I have literally dared gun nozzles to penetrate a military establishment near a military barrack in Abuja without note or recommendation from anybody. Only to enter the establishment and found doors, I mean doorS wide open.
Let's return from Lagos and move further. To worsen matters, it is this same set of men that play with God, that again play God in matters where God has the final say.
They believe it's got to be their opinions  that must prevail over an issue or over their  fellowmen, irrespective of facts starring at their face to the contrary.
To state categorically here, who these set of people are and what ultimately become of of elements like them, is to sit on the judgement seat. Or rather, play God like them. And two wrongs never make a right.
But we can learn a  lot from them. The summary of which is to fear God and walk in His ways. That we should live our lives in words and deeds, with a consciousness that God exists and He's watching us.
Secondly, not to be too assertive and dictatorial in matters and issues. But to be ready to admit how wrong we have been, no how long we think of how right we are. Then be ready to make a "U" turn.
That you are alive today is a prove of God's mercy to grant you an opportunity to make a "U" turn, no matter how far you have gone in that sinful way that seems right to you. But the end thereof of which is utter destruction.
Repent of your sinful and destructive ways and habits today. Make a "U" turn, and come to Jesus, and He shall you, even to the uttermost.


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