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Pay Them For Their Sweats

Pay men for their sweats
Words In Season:

If at all you will build your wealth on the sweat of others, pay them for their sweats.
 The King's Scribe
“Behold, the hire of the labourers that who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud crieth ; and the cries of them which have reaped have entered into the ears of The Lord of sabaoth”
James 5:4

Like the Yorubas in Nigeria will say “eye ò ké bi eye món……." A metaphorical statement meaning “things are not as it used to be before…..” seems to be occurring and even re - occurring in your company or organisation?
God has not changed, neither His principles has changed nor His faithfulness. A.W. Tozer opined that behind the workings of every scientific discoveries and technological principles, is God’s faithfulness. How much more of spiritual principles?
You have been faithful in paying your tithes, yet…..
You have even doubled your church offerings, yet…..
You have just returned from the mountain with 21 days dry fast, yet…..
(I wonder if some Christians will not try the “arafa’ mountain in Saudi, with the way they are climbing different kinds of mountain these days, all in search of breakthroughs, prosperity, and solutions)
Never laying it to heart that things happen, be it supernatural breakthroughs, miracles or prosperity at the mercy of God’s instructions, principles, covenants and of course His timings.
So the mountaineering continues from one mountains to another, for these Christians. Yet …......
Maybe you need to check out this little fox. Not even the little foxes, but just one.
How many workers have left your company or firm in frustration because of unpaid salaries and wages? Surprised?
Think about it.....
They left your company in frustration and you called their bluff. (Why won’t you? You be big man now. Wetin dem fit do you?). Then you went ahead and hire another hand or two more. And for months you owe them again, and they get exasperated, like it was with their predecessors. Then its either they fire themselves, or you fire them for getting on your nerves for asking for their overdue wages! And the vicious circle of hiring and firing continues. And now you have dusted you Bible again, bought a big bottle olive oil for the anointing, ready to go aclimbing another mountain. One “Òke Ajébíidán” near Chibok town. Maybe God will hear you now for risking your life to come close to Chibok town to supplicate to Him.
You need not risk your life to that level. All you need is to sit down and like the prodigal “came himself” realize that it is God Himself raising the payment vouchers of these folks, you owed backlog of salaries and charging them to your account. Both the ones you have fired or still hired but owed for months.
And when God does such a thing with an organization or firm, it is not always a pleasant experience. And as many of us that know God and are still knowing God, we know that God can be both humorous and terrible in His dealings, at the same time. Therefore, the more we are free with Him as a child is free with his father, the more we are very careful with Him. Especially when it comes to His statutes and precepts. Lest we play with Him and play with fire! Knowing that He is not a God of “anything goes” Neither is He a respecter of any man or any mountain, he climbs.
Therefore in a nutshell and no hold barred, let all Christian businessmen, managers and Chief Executives examine and consider their ways, along this axis of owing their workers’ wages and refusing to pay them. Even pay them as at when due.
And if you are outsourcing, like some us do here, what is due to any who render you services or supply you any material, pay them as at when due. As you are picking the cheques, so be raising their vouchers and cheques too. Don’t wait for God raise the vouchers Himself. Else… will fast and climb mountains, o.
Are you that manager or executive reading this, but you are yet to take God as your partner? Time to take Him as your partner is now. Because the days are perilous. The perilous times God spoke of in last days in His Word are here. You need a Partner that can guide and direct you, provide for you, protect and deliver you in case your opponents in life and in the business world, rise up against you like a flood. Because only His Spirit can lift up a standard against them, should such an occasion arise.
Come to God through Jesus Christ and be saved and receive His assurance of all round cover here on earth, and a place in His presence when you leave those businesses, investments and properties and cross over to the other side of eternity.

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