A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Doing Your Part For Him To Do His

Modern day horse against the day of battle
Words In Season:
There are things which only God can do, and for us to attempt to do them is to waste our efforts; and there are other things which only man can do, and for us to ask God to do them is to waste our prayers.
                                A.W. Tozer


"The horse is prepared against the day of battle; but safety is of The Lord"

                              Proverbs 21:31

Before expecting success in an examination, you must prepare for it. So is for you to win a battle, you must prepare the horses. You don't win a battle in your kitchen. You must stock your armoury, mobilise the best trained armourers, them open your armoury and distribute the weapons, plan, map out strategies and launch out, full force! From there God takes over.
Preparation, decision and action on your part, miracles wonders and supernatural victories on God's part.
Leaving God to do everything, even carrying you out of your bed to the bathroom and bath you, dress you up etc., is exercising an irresponsible faith. And not knowing your limits and where to let go and let God take over, is an exercise in futility, if not foolhardiness. Trying to do God's part? Who now takes the glory?
Do your part and leave God's part to Him.
Now listen. Your part is to repent, confess your sins and turn away from it, believe on His Son Jesus Christ as The Saviour. God's part is to forgive you, no matter the gravity of yours sins, and save you. God won't repent for you nor confess for you, because He has never in His life sinned, anyway.
Do your own part today; repent and believe, and let God do His own part and save you.


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