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Which One Is Better Fortified?

Whoever runs against it ends up with bruishes, abrasions and fractures
Words In Season:
fortified man living in an unfortified mansion is safer than an unfortified man living in a fortified mansion.
                                           Soji Omole

"....behold I have made you this day a FORTIFIED city, a pillar of iron and brazen walls....." Jeremiah 1:18

Bottom line?
I know many of us knows that the ball like shaped iron used for the sport of SHORT PUT in games is made of raw thick iron.
Now how many of us can kick this object with his bare toe, the way you kick a leather ball?
Can you kick an all iron
 short put ball same way
you will kick a
leather football?
That is what it means to be made a pillar iron by The Almighty. Nobody and no devil kick you around any how. No one treats you any how. Even when a that round iron is picked up to be thrown in sporting event, everyone around the vicinity become very careful and get guided about their movement within the vicinity. Really every body stay out of the way! Because it is a ball of iron. And whoever it hits, be it on the head, leg or hand, the games medics or an ambulance may see to that!
But if any picks a leather football to throw, many around the area will just carry on business as usual, not being careful. Some will even run to meet the leather ball on air with their head or leg.
But don't meet a iron ball in the air with your head or leg when it is thrown up. Else....

This is not discouraging any from fortifying their mansions. The iron gates, the burglary proofs, wire 'O' fencings, even the alsatians to be released from their cages at night. Good. But we have heard several stories of where they patiently waited for the man to get out of his building, even trailed him a distance away from that fortified mansion, then............
But in Christ, that is how fortified you are when you become a child of God by giving your life to Him. Forces of darkness don't kick you around anymore, same way they kill others. And as brazen wall which God's Word says you are, whoever runs at you run get bruises, abrasions and fractures! Be they visible or invisible.
Including even the devil and any of his demons.
This is how safe secure God says become when you hear His voice today and not harden your heart by embracing Christ His Son as your Lord and Saviour.
For eternal safety and security, here and hereafter, come and make peace and reconcile with God by handing over your life to Jesus today.


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