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Stepping Out Of The Ring

Words In Season:

Like soldiers are trained both to fight and to kill, so is God mighty both to fight and to kill in battles.
             Soji Omole


"....The Lord shall fight for thee, and ye shall hold your peace"
                            Exodus 14:14
"The Lord killeth and maketh alive: He bringeth down to the grave and bringeth up."
    I Samuel 2:6

Step out of the ring and let God step in to fight your opponent or the one poising for a brawl with you.
We are not speaking of spiritual warfare this time around, but of physical confrontations and personal attacks from men. Men looking for our troubles, resorting to physical and verbal altercations, when we ask for what are rightfully ours, or for just no cause.
This is where this principle applies best. Stepping out of the ring, asking God to step in.
Because as a believer, exchange of blows with any man is a forbidden fruit! As a matter of fact, exchange of words should as much as possible be avoided with any man. Even with your wife. And if a matter is about getting out of hand into more exchange of words that may snowball into exchange of blows, please take a walk.

In spiritual warfare you engage the unseen opponents in exchanges. Hot exchanges if need be, as you exercise and take your authority over these foul forces. But when it comes to physical confrontations, it is a different ball game, lest it gender into strife. Which is a fruit of the flesh.
What we do then?
What do we do when someone picks a fight with us physically?
Very simple. Step out of the ring and let God step in. You do this by holding your peace and refusing to engage verbally. Not even in a dialogue this time. If it is from a phone call, cut the call. Next?
Must you play the hypocrite, pretending your spirit has not been grieved? Pour out your grievances to God and ask Him to step into the ring Himself.
Let God step in and plead your cause with them that striveth with you and fight against them that fight against you. Step out of the ring and let God step in to answer them back their insults word for word and give it back to them blow for blow. Step out of the ring and let God in, then pair them with God and let's see who wins the duel between Him and them.
All I know is that one blow from God can turn a man into powder, and a word from Him can turn a man to ashes. When He replies them back the words they spoke to insult you and to derogate you behind you and even in your presence, whatever is the outcome is, none of your business but theirs.
And every thing doesn't take you a caterpillar faith. All it takes is a faith as small as a grain of mustard seed. And a little bit of patience and firm control of your emotions, even in the face of evident provocation. Though you are angry, be sure you did not sin and fret not yourself in anywise to do or say things you will regret later.

Transfer that anger to God, and they will see His wrath and you will realise that God is even more angry at them than you are. For The Bible says He is angry with the wicked every day.
Finally brethren, with God taking over your role in the ring, find a place in your heart to forgive them all. Not for their sake, but for the fact that you need your peace and rest of mind. Otherwise of what use again holding any offences against any knowing God is a better fighter and will fight them back, beyond your imaginations?
Leave fighting and railings to the motor park boys. Come to Jesus today, let Him save your soul and let Him begin to plead your cause with your adversaries, visible and invisible.

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