A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Starting Somewhere

One just need to start somewhere
Words Of Knowledge:

Better to start somewhere with God, grow and rise through the ranks, than be completely alienated from Him.
                      Soji Omole


".....then men began to call upon the Name of The LORD" 

                   Genesis 4:26b

Could Adam and Eve, despite their fallen state, and having been driven out of the garden of Eden still be in a level of relationship with God?
Because when Eve gave birth to Cain in Genesis 4:1, she still acknowledged God as the giver. "....I have gotten a man from The Lord"
A certain indication that she and Adam are not completely alienated from God, despite the issue they had with Him in the garden. The lesson here is that no matter the level of the the relationship, we should start somewhere with God. Be open minded and be willing to grow in grace and in His knowledge as we keep getting closer to Him.
Then keep pressing on, the upward way with Him, until our love for Him surpass what we stand to gain from from Him, or escape from His punishments. Because God's original purpose for creating man is to fellowship with Him. And that was why He made man in His image.
Even at that, having redeemed man now from his fallen state, His ultimate goal, is still that man be confirmed to His image. And at His coming, as many as are redeemed of Him shall be exactly like Him in physical appearance. "....when He shall appear, we shall be like Him..." IJohn 3:2b.
And as many as are of fertile imaginations, let them read Revelation 1:13 - 16. Then let them hazard a guess of the the new physical form and shape we will all be changed into, when He comes.
What manner of men and women we ought to be then, all we who have this hope in us.
Yet we all need to start somewhere with God, from where we are and just as we are.
I know you must have started somewhere with Him. Having been going to Church regularly for years, even for decades. You have chaired the church adult harvest celebrations on many occasion. And you have been ordained a deacon eyeing the chair of an elder. Good you began somewhere. Only that you need to take a step further, and if you have not even set sail at all with God, come along with our dear deacon also, by repenting of your sins, confessing them and believing on His Son Jesus Christ. And let Him save you and your household.


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