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Where Both Teachers And Learners Are Students

Where both teachers and learners are students
Words In Season:

God's Word is the only course where both teachers and learners are students.

                               The King's Scribe

"For The Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrows...."
                                     Hebrews 4:12

Bible spoke of Ezra who set his heart not to only teach God's Word but to also DO it.
Each time you minister God's Word, you are not only ministering to the hearers only but also to yourself. That is why God's Word is called a two edged sword. As it is piercing the hearers, so is it also piercing you the one who is teaching. Cutting through your bones and discerning your thoughts. And tracking every fiber of your conscience to prove any trace of hypocrisy named "do as I say not as I do" Despite the fact that you are the one teaching. Be it on the pulpit, inside a public bus or early morning.
How many times have we prepared our messages, only to mount the pulpit and begin to say something different from the notes we prepared? Who is now in charge?
Of course He is. And you and your hearers are now His students.
You are now at most, simply the class prefect passing His instructions or do we say distributing the course handouts to fellow students. Instructions of which you are also bound to obey as clearly stated in your own copy of the handout!
The reason why we pray for teachers that may whatever they speak, each time they climb the pulpit not stand against them on judgement day. Reason why we should also be careful not to condemn nor be judgmental each time we have opportunity to face an audience to teach God's word. Because the measurement you used to measure to others shall be used to measure back to you, when the time comes for you to step on the scale! This we believe will guide you when next you climb the altar, stand in the bus or on a megaphone in early morning cry, to tremble before Him and point sinners to The Son of man lifted up as Moses lifted up the serphent in the wildernesses. And not condemn them. For He came to save and NOT to judge the world, nor condemn sinners. But to have them saved to go and sin more. John 12:47, John 8:11, ITimothy 2:4.
Are you ready to enroll in His class and begin to obey Him and receive instructions from Him? The entry qualification is salvation. I hereby put into action what I said just now, lest I face condemnation myself, by pointing you to Jesus lifted up for your salvation. Submit yourself today to Jesus Christ The Power and the Wisdom of God Himself and be saved.


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