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Needed For Many Things But Not Everything

Where they bank or cash money, where they save or withdraw and spend or invest it.
Words In Season:

In the olden days money is needed for some things, nowadays it is needed for so many things, yet that does not make money everything.
                         A Kingdom Patriot


"Thou lovest righteousness and hatest wickedness; therefore God, thy God hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows"

                            Psalm 45:7, Hebrews 1:9

Kola has N50 million in his account, and Doyin has the same amount in his account. Kola paces up and down his room every night while Doyin hit his bed every night and snooze off! What a difference! But what makes all the difference? Their different masters! Kola serves mammon, Doyin serves The Living God. Kola have the mammon of unrighteousness as a master to whom anything goes, and to whom the end justify the means. Doyin serves a Master that has a strict righteous standard and principles!
So both of them have money but their attitudes and ways of life are different.
What are your values?
Do you value relationships with God and man above money? Or anybody can hang for all you care, as long as your wallets are full irrespective of the means? Do you place righteousness and righteous living first above everything else, or you don't give a damn as long as the cool cash keep flowing? You will later on discover that they are really hot not cool, when the hens come home to roost. You need to check your values and standards, then you will know who your master really is.
Money is still not everything, and can never and will never be everything.
And that is why I can't but pity a tribe in West Africa, I did not say Nigeria o, but West Africa, who think all they should go after is money, money and money. And to them, all decorum of courtesy, character, good conduct and integrity can be thrown to the marines!
Had money been every thing, then all other tribes are doomed. But thank God it is not. And by His holy and righteous standards, it can never be. And by His divine agenda, money will soon erode fast in value soonest! Shame on you money!
Rather it is your relationship with God and your fellowmen and the righteous value system you cultivate alongside,  that will matter here and hereafter.
Rich or otherwise, when they hate righteousness, the same master rules them - manmon. And his softwares of worry and anxiety rules their disc operating systems. If they don't have money they worry about how they will  have it. And when they have it, anxiety is added and installed to upgrade their worries by their master.
Why not let Jesus be your Master today? Let Him be your Foundation and Pillar today. So that in the hours of your monetary need, He sustains you and supply your need. And in your season of financial abundance, He sustains your riches and multiplies them, while you are at rest.
Give Jesus a thought today, and be at rest.


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