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Living In A State Of Perpetual Enthusiasm

Heaven's expression of ecstacy and excitement at being God's dwelling place
Words In Season

"God dwells in a state of perpetual enthusiasm"
A.W. Tozer.


" thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore" Psalm 16:11b

There are no dull moments with God.
He is always the ever excited Father of joy unspeakable. And it is what you have that you give to others. So, He gives joy to as many that come to His presence.
One of our spiritual fathers, A.W. Tozer said - left for sin, God had no apology for creation.
Why won't I agree with Tozer? Because after God created all things, He beheld them; and "behold, it was very good....." Genesis 1:31. Same way an artist look at his finished masterpiece of a painting and smiles. Only a sadist will look at what is good and not be happy and excited. And God is not a sadist. He is the ever excited effervescent Author of happiness.
What is the cause of sadness then? Sin of course. Guilt complexes, after immoral acts and infidelity, envy, resentment, bitterness, anger, strife, etc are the things that makes a man unhappy.
And to worsen matters, men devised a church doctrine, which they assumed is a solution to sin. That to be holy, you must wear a long face and look sober. They called it sobriety.
And that is why I can't but laugh each time I NOW see the author of this doctrine of sobriety smiling from molar to molar on banners, posters and flyers these days. In those days of "holiness" how dare any of his pastors, the likes of Pastor 'Lawon put their smiling pictures on a crusade poster or handbill. How dare they?!
They just have to look holy and wear a sombre look there . Or crack a joke that will make people laugh or smile when preaching or teaching. Joke?! Haba kai! Do they want to perish?
That thing called depression that makes the sufferer look morose and moody is called the spirit of heaviness in The Bible. Isaiah 61:3b. And for this Jesus came to exchange for a garment of praise. For those who are mourning He came to appoint and apportion the oil of joy.
Sin is the root unhappiness and sadness. You wake up in the wee hours of day looking distant, lost and forsaken, even fearful and confused. Sin is the cause.
But you can give your life to Jesus today. And He will save you from your sins and appoint unto you the oil of joy, the garment of praise, zest and excitement that will make you to look forward to each day with enthusiasm, for the rest your life.


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