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How Pleasant To His Eyes?

Words Of Knowledge:

When what God forbids begin to be pleasant to your eyes, its time to cry for help.
       Soji Omole


"And when the saw that the tree was good for food, and it was pleasant to the eyes....."

                         Genesis 3:6a

Can you beat that? A fruit outrightly forbidden by God, now look good to Eve, not only does it look good, it began to be pleasant to her eyes.
People of God, when what displeases God begin to look pleasant to your eyes, cry out to God, cry out for help, cry out to christian friends and confidants.
A true life story and testimony was related to me of a man of God and elderly Pastor I respected a lot.
That each time he sights the wife of certain church member, his manhood begins to bulge and errect. But this man of God was so humble enough to cry out for help! Elders and brethren rallied round and the situation was prayerfully arrested.
Today that elderly Pastor is not only doing fine in the faith, he has also raised a biological firebrand, married to a fair European damsel to step into his shoes.
Maybe Adam and Eve never knew God can take things that far on the matter of the forbidden fruit. Else, they would have distanced themselves from the tree and not even move near the vicinity of it, in the garden. Or maybe erected a barrier against the location of that very tree. The kind that was erected between a Christian effigy and a mosque in University of Ibadan.
Now that we have all learnt the hard way from the experience of Adam and Eve, how far God can take matters of sin and disobedience to His commands, we can't but be vigilant. We can't but be vigilant when things that repulses Him begin to appeal to us.
Those things that you enjoy and even boasts of in front of your friends in the world, does it repulses God and repels His presence? For that which is highly esteemed in the eyes of men, is an abomination in the sight of God. Repent, today or else.... Need I tell you further how far God can take the matter if you don't repent?
I beseech you today by the mercies of God to repent, believe and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. And let Him save you and clean you out of the mess of sin and disobedience and deliver you from the eternal mess of it's consequence.


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