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He Never Bats An Eyelid

Words In Season:

While we are snoring away after the day's work, God is still awake and at work  in us, tidying up things that relate to both our earthly and eternal safety and protection.
                                 Soji Omole.


"Behold He that keepeth Isreal shall neither slumber nor sleep"

Psalm 121:4

There may be others, but a duck is an avian creature that doesn't sleep, at night. It may doze off a bit at day time but never at night.
The duck can not walk straight like other animals but limps from left to right when walking. Not because it has a wound but that is how it was permanently made. Therefore it can not run, much more of sprinting like other birds. Thank God, Who endowed it with ability to fly in case danger comes at daytime. Even at that it has to take some short limping steps before gathering momentum to spread it's wings! Now at night, spreading it wings fast at the onset of danger may be needed. In addition she has a band of children to protect, even she flies, how would those young ones fly? So she has no choice than stay awake!
No one pose any danger to God. At the breath of His nostrils He can consume the entire army of the world ten times ten over. So He has no one to run from.
But He has you and I to protect. And He's got to be awake to His responsibility as a Father. For your sake and mine, He would rather stay awake while we deep asleep, some of us even snoring away!
What shall we offer to this kind of a God so caring then?  Thanking and praising Him all the day long, may not be enough. The best we can, is to simply live for Him. Live all our lives for Him and all that will bring Him glory and honour.
Sin does not give God glory and honour. Rather, it grieves Him and His Spirit. And that is not the best way to repay Someone Who stays awake all night because of you.
Repent of your sins, come to Jesus and let Him save you from them. For He alone is able to save to the uttermost, all that come to God by Him.


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