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Freethinking - The Greatest Fallacy

How I wish a free thinking thinker can explain this
Words In Season:

There is no greater fallacy on earth than the myth called freethinking. Because the heart or the mind out of which thoughts proceed is being influenced either from the region of darkness or light in the spirit realm. 
                         The King's Scribe.


"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out if it are the issues of life." 

                              Proverbs 4:23
"For as he thinketh in his heart so is he:....................Proverbs 23:7

Bottom line?
What you think, how you think and the way you feel are encapsulated in the spiritual organ called your heart. Out of which proceed your thoughts.
So there is nothing called free thinking. I explain to those who care to listen.
Because each man's is either influenced and governed by two invisible forces. That of good from God's Kingdom or of evil from the pit of hell.
These two kingdoms are at variance with each other and can never strike a compromise.

Because one stands for the collective good of all, while the other is all out for any evil you can imagine. One is out to build lives, families and nations while the other is all out to steal, kill and destroy. One stands for righteousness, the other for wickedness.
And your thoughts and feelings determine the spirit you invite to rule and govern your life out these two kingdoms.
"My son give me your heart..." God said. Give your heart to Jesus today and let Him begin to govern and rule your thoughts and feelings.


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