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Enjoying It While It Lasts

A family enjoying it while it lasts
Words In Season:

When toxic elements taunt you, that God's material blessing lasts only this world, reply them that you will enjoy it while it lasts.
      The King's Scribe 


"......but in The Living God, Who giveth us richly all things to ENJOY"        

I Timothy 6:17b


The same men that taunt and poke fun at you when things are yet to take shape, comparing you with your mates and junior siblings, are the same that will turn round to despise your blessings when finally God shows up. 
You will begin to hear 'hùn ayé náà ni gbogbo è mon' (it is meant only for this world). From the same mouths!
Again and again reply them by your words and actions that you will enjoy it while it lasts. Then really go ahead and enjoy it to their faces, even to the fullest.
Ride the best of cars, wear the best of apparels, eat the best of delicacies, live in the best of apartments and mansions right in their presence. 
"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:...." Psalm 23:5a.
And if God engraced you to buy a plane or an helicopter, fly it over their heads and deafen their ears with the noise!!!
As long as you keep giving the glory to God, and acknowledging Him as The Source, The Giver of all good things and continue serving Him with them. Never allowing them to get into your head, you are still on safe mode. Even here and hereafter. Read the ENTIRE verse 17, of our bearing for today - I Timothy chapter 6, as your safety manual.
Yes, here and hereafter. There is an hereafter,  after this life. Keep this in view to be on a safer mode as you enjoy those blessings. And for those who want to enjoy similar blessings, here and hereafter, God's recipe is: " ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you" Matthew 6:33.
Where then is the take off point? You cannot speak of a kingdom and bypass the king. Christ is The King of this Kingdom. Surrender your life to Him today and let Him be your Lord and The Lord of your all.


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