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Divine Anathesia And Analgesic

Truth should be spoken with mildness, honesty and sincerity that spewed of a baby's heart
Words In Season:

"Truth without love is brutality and love without truth is hypocisy"
  A.W. Tozer.


"By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of The LORD men depart from evil" 

Proverbs 16:6

A. W. Tozer, the fiery servant of God quoted above passed into glory close to sixty years ago but he willed and bequeathed enough of his works and resources in printed formats, for us his spiritual sons to to last us a lifetime.
To support his thoughts in mine own thinking and words, truth must never be suppressed nor covered up. Yet it must be spoken with the mildness, love, honesty and sincerity that ooze out of the heart of a child. A little child will say it plain as it is and as he sees, as it is. And sometimes he will speak it in a way that will make and adult laugh. Yet it is the truth direct from his heart. In the process of speaking it, the baby will not sit on the judgment seat to talk down others, nor engage in a game of comparison, like the Pharisee did with the publican.
In my whole life time of studying God's Word, I am yet to discover where it is written "truth is bitter" But I have found where it is written "O taste and see that The Lord is good" Psalm34:8. And That Same Lord says "I am The Truth....."
Then I keep on wondering who can be more truer and holier than Him, to now be repackaging Him in a bitter format and cellophane package.
When a doctor wants to perform an operation, he will first induce the patient with anaesthesia, to deaden the sensibility of the area to be operated upon. And if it is a major one, the doctor applies enough on the patient to send him to a deep sleep. Then he reached for his knives and scalpels to begin to cut and scrape off the offending cells or tumor.
God's mercy stands for the doctor's anaesthesia. It calms, comforts soothes and even cheer up the sinner. Yet His truth are the knives and scalpels. To scrape off the deadly cells and tumors of sin and iniquity in men and women.
To apply one without the other will make a casualty  out of the sinner same way it will make a casualty out of a patient, if one adminstration is applied without the other at the operating theater.
Imagine a doctor applying anaesthesia on a patient, then simply walks away. The doctor will simply send the patient to a permanent sleep! Or for the doctor to descend on the patient with his surgical knives without applying the anesthesia! The result is better imagined than experienced!
To be hammering the truth of God on any issue of life without the soothing touch of His mercy will only scare off sinners and make rebels instead of saints out of believers. And to be harping only on His mercy will encourage sinners to continue in their iniquity and send believers to a permanent sleep. 
Therefore there is need for teachers and preachers in The Lord's vineyard to strike a balance. Or else....
God wants to show you mercy today but REPENT and turn away from your sins and iniquity and embrace Christ The Saviour. He is The One that is able to save you to the uttermost if only you will come to God by Him.


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