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A Project In Progress

Upon this rock I will build my church

Words In Season:

God does not wait for perfection in any church. A smaller group within the larger body may be the key to revival.
                 A.W. Tozer.


"...and upon this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against" Matthew 16:18

Let's assume, I mean let's just assume it that there is a church in your neighbourhood that is perfect and you made up your mind to become a member. The very day you set your feet there, that church becomes imperfect.
When it is under construction; no one can really figure out what to make out of the building
Had I been the authority behind what A.W. Tozer said and quoted above, the "perfect" Pharisees and Sanhedrins of our present day would have been gathering stones by now to throw at me.
The Church of God is a project under construction. And God is quite aware of this. That when you go to a construction site, you may not like the things you find around there.
Broken pieces of planks, rags, metals, nails, litter papers and cartons, cans of drinks, broken bottles, you just name it. Some of the labourers when they finish eating and drinking will fling the wrapping leaves and left overs around the site. Some things you see may even make you cringe and want to throw up. Your guess is good as mine on what could be those things. Lest I offend your sensibilities.
An interior after completion; but
who would have imagined an
exquisite beauty as this
when under construction?
Because it is a building under construction. Not a completed and occupied building. And the owner of the site is quite aware of this. But he has a plan design on his mind that the architect and engineers are working on.
God is quite aware of what is going on His Church. Some of if I tell you by mine own personal experience, your ears will tingle!
But the good news is that His Church is nearing completion! And when a building is completed, the first assignment before you occupy it, is to clean out and throw away all the debris, some of which are itemised above!
I pray today that you and I will not part of that debris Christ will clean and clear out of His Church and throw into the trash can! Amen!! I earnestly pray that we will be part of the building pillars, precious stones, chandeliers and fine fittings. Amen again!!!
What then must we do as believers and His people? Keep growing in grace and keep flowing along with Him as He builds His church. No room to stand still. No room for complacency, irrespective of what and where we have attained but to keep pressing on. Pressing on the upward way!
Now resplendent in beauty and glory; ready for occupation and habitation
And finally when He moves in, as His Word said "When The Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory" I pray again that you and I will be part of that glory.
Do you want to be a partaker of this glory? Repent of your sins, confess and forsake them and embrace Jesus today and let Him engrave you as one of the precious stones to build His church that no force can prevail upon, be it on earth or underneath the earth even in the heavenly places.


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