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Beyond Your Cash

It all began as a seed, now it ready for harvest
It All Began As Seeds
Words In Season:

What God needs is not really your money, but your heart. Yet He needs your money to prove the integrity of your heart and love to obey Him.
      Soji Omole


"Now He that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness" 

             II Corinthians 9:10

If God really needs your money, then He will ask you to bring all of it or a big chunk of it. Even a large percentage.
But He owns all the dollars in the vaults of Bank of America, all the pound sterling starched away in Swiss banks belongs to Him. The billions of naira of the highest denominations hidden in 'Soakaway' Banks in Nigeria, they are all His. Including the ones banked in non soakaway banks.
The oil fields of Texas, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc are all His. The diamond mines of Congo, Sierra Leone, South Africa etc., are under His control. So goes for all the biggest cattle ranches pasturing the fattest cows across the globe, they are all His. All the skycrappers and estates both industrial and residential, with their eye popping mansions, all are His. Really, all the earth and the fullness thereof, are His. Psalm 24:1
And I could hear one fool there sneering "let Him come and take them now, since He claims they are His"
He does not need to come down and take them since He posses them already. All He need to do to prove to you, that He owns all you are gloating over now, is to kill you, then will He sneer back at you "to whom shall all these things be, which you have laid up yourself?"
With this magnitude of wealth and riches belonging to Him, what will God need our monies for?
1. Whatever we give to Him, be they in thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands or in millions are to Him seeds. Seeds which He multiply back to us as harvests, pressed down shaken together and running over.
Okay where did He get what He adds to them? You may ask. He is rich and wealthy enough from what we have proved, above and beyond to add more than enough back to you as harvests of your seeds. In addition to that, He has more than enough external reserves in the heavenlies in case the magnitudes of the ones here on earth does not meet up.
All He need to do is open the windows of heaven and you be running helker skelter to look for enough containers and rooms to receive His blessings.
And should He completely throw ajar the windows of heaven over you, you may collapse and faint at the monstrous magnitude of His blessings or begin to misbehave. So opens them, phase by phase over you. For your own good.
2. He needs to prove our hearts readiness to obey His commands. Otherwise, what's the big deal between one fruit and another fruit in the Garden of Eden? One to be eaten, another one forbidden. Just to prove our first father and mother - Adam and Eve hearts readiness to obey Him or not. And to also prove to all that He owns the garden. So He has the final say over whatever goes on in the garden from day to day.
As earlier stated, what God wants is your heart. Not only does He wants it, He needs to prove it. And they only way He can prove it for a start, is for you to be humble enough to descend to the level of a child and believe in, and receive Jesus Christ His son, as your Lord and Saviour. Humble yourself today and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.


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