A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Between Your PIECE Of Mind And Your PEACE of Mind

Words Of Knowledge:

In a bid to give them a piece of your mind, you might end up losing your peace of mind.
    Author yet unknown.


"Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted a man of understanding........" 

     Proverbs 17:28

In secret service, confidentiality
is the number one operational strategy. Call it the first strategy - secrecy.
In God's kingdom it is of little or no difference. All efforts of Saul's uncle to know what transpired between him and Samuel, the first king of Israel tactically rebuffed. I Samuel 10:14-16. At the end of verse 16 in my Bible I wrote 'smart guy' at Saul's answer.
There is power in secrecy.
Same goes for the way we are to react to issues. We are not expected to utter all our minds lest we be counted fools; but as wise men keep it till afterwards. Or even let our actions and results speak for themselves.
It is true Job did not sin against God by charging God foolishly, but to be sincere, Job was VERY angry with God. Haba, with all the righteous deeds he has to flaunt before God, even so much that God flaunted him before satan, how can God give him this shi@@@@? Forgetting that all he was flaunting before God in terms of righteousness are filthy rags. May God not flaunt us before satan. Amen! But we too need to guard our mouths and avoid boastfulness of how righteous we are. That was Job's achiles heel. And he reflected on every page of the book of Job. Until he came to terms that a man cannot be just than God nor a creature purer than his Creator and repented in dust and ashes!
But thank God, he managed to control his tongue when God applied the chisel and hammer on him.
So also we need to control ourselves and tongues. Many things are better left unsaid. Or else.
Are you in need of this kind of wisdom? The one that money and all level of educational qualifications cannot buy? God's Word called Him The WISDOM and the POWER of God. That is speaking of Jesus. Come to Jesus today and surrender your life to Him.


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