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What To Do Before And After God Has Done It

Words In Season:

Faith is giving glory to God BEFORE and AFTER the miracle. Not giving Him glory AFTER, is explaining away the miracle. 
                               The King's Scribe 


"He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving GLORY to God.

                                 Romans 4:20

But why will God in the first place, allow that faith testing challenge that requires a miracle, come your way? 1). Of course to prove your faith. For until you are proved, you cannot be approved. 2). He wants all the glory in that very specific area, lest you ascribe to or share it with any other.
And you don't wait until He shows up on the matter before you begin to give Him the glory. Rather, you begin to give Him glory BEFORE He shows up. And that was what father Abraham was doing before he ever received the promise. He was giving glory to God while still waiting for the promise.
And AFTER the deed is done, you return the glory again to Him again and shared it with none. Of course many of us knows how to do that.
Our faith fathers have been giving Him the
glory right from the days of small beginning
before He brought them this far

But today, we have all learnt that we should start giving Him the glory while still waiting for Him to do it. And He will do it.  Jesus gave thanks before distributing the five loaves. He also gave gave thanks before raising Lazarus.
Yes, keep on believing Him and  praising Him, even when and while the miracle is still on the way.
The greatest of all miracles is the new birth experience. Let God make this miracle out of you, by repenting of your sins and yielding your life to His Son, Jesus.


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