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Allowed Or Forbidden?

But is it allowed or forbidden
Words In Season:

If anything attract your eyes, first ask yourself, is it allowed or forbidden? If it is allowed, go for it with all it takes. If it is forbidden, take a walk.
           The King's Scribe 


"Therefore brethren, we are debtors not to the flesh, to live after the flesh"

          Romans 8:12

In other words always tell the flesh when it comes with its insatiable  demands "I owe you nothing"
The borrower, God's Word said, is servant to the lender. Why? Because the borrower owes the lender and therefore is a debtor to the lender. So the lender is at liberty to harass him any where he sees him, in order to recover the debt owed him.
But here The Word is saying, you are not a debtor to the flesh. You owe the flesh nothing. Therefore it has no right to be making demands on you.
There is no way a man you owe nothing can accost on the street, asking you pay what you owe him.
Same goes for the flesh.
The flesh has no right over you to make demands. Therefore DENY it each time it make any. Even the ones that are not forbidden but allowed, DENY the flesh of it, if it makes a demand on it at an inappropriate time. Its own is to make demands, yours is to DENY it.
Then let's see the law court it would sue you to, when you don't give it what it wants. Because you owe the flesh nothing.
Maybe not having an understanding of this is why flesh has been putting you under pressure like a creditor. I want this, I want that. Give me this or....... And the more you give it, the more it demands for more. And before you know it you are enmeshed in all form of sinful habits. Habits so unprintable that we would rather not print it here.
Today is your day of liberty. Today is your day of salvation. The only One you owe everything, even your own very life is Jesus Christ. Give that life back to Him again and let Him set you free and deliver from the flesh and its works.


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