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Allow God To Treat You Better

It is God that exalt them that with Him from a humble beginning.
From a humble begining, God exalts
Words Of Knowledge:

Better humble yourself and have men treat you the way they want, then having God exalt you; than be proud and have God treat you the way He will treat others of similar trait.
                            Soji  Omole


"And being found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself, and became obedient...... " 

Philippians 2:8

Each time you remember you are a man, it is a reminder to humble yourself. It was after Adam fell that God reminded him "dust are thou..."
Learn from Adam, don't do what will force God to remind you of who you are, if not for His mercy and grace.
Had he come to terms with this earlier, maybe the story would have been different today.
The second Adam came, our Lord Jesus Christ. Though God The Son Himself, but the moment He found Himself wearing a human body, He understood well that man came out of the dust. And knowing that He was wearing a human tabernacle, the raw material of which is dust, He humbled Himself.
By so doing, sending a message across to us all, that any who found himself in this human tabernacle should always remember one thing, you were taking from the dust. Therefore, humble yourself.
It does not matter the origin of your tribe. You may even claim your tribe originated from Israel, when in reality you migrated from the Congo jungle side, the similarities of your music style giving you away; all said and done, you were taken from the dust. Humble yourself. Otherwise......
You were privileged and opportuned to lead a group in your local assembly, either through some element of lobbying or divine providence. The next thing is to be barking like a dog at all in that group. They are God's beloved children, I mean those you are barking at, are not dogs. Neither are slaves, but children of The Higher than the highest. So stop barking like a rabid dog at them and humble yourself. Or else.....
Or else, when God says He has had enough of your barking at His people and moves against you, no amount lobbying can hinder Him. Not even all the money in the oil companies put together can bribe Him. You may bribe some Pastors, but not God. Humble yourself. Don't take offence, humble yourself. And if you take offence, humble apologies. But humble yourself.
And unto all men of different tribes, race and origin, wearing this tabernacle of dust called human body, what I say to all, I am saying unto you here - humbles yourselves.
You have heard it all. You can't bribe God. Nor can you regale God with  class, status, accolades and medals of any life attainment. He remains and still remains The Most High.
The only thing that can impress God and make Him throw a party for you in heaven, with His angels in full attendance, is when you humble yourself as a little child and believe in His Son Jesus Christ and receive Him as your personal Lord and Saviour. Humble yourself and take this step today.


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