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The Oppressor's Share Is Bigger

Words In Season:

He that will drag you through the forest, must clear the route with his bare back.
                               African Proverb

"Which none of the princes of this world knew, for had they known it,  they would not have crucified The Lord of glory"
             I Corinthians 2:8

As the iron spikes were being hammered  and sinking into Jesus hands and feet on the cross, so was a bigger hammer landing on the nails of satan's coffin. When Jesus finally said on the cross 'it is finished!' It really mean "satan you are finished" That very day,  it was finished with satan and his hosts, visible and invisible for life and eternity.
Nailing Jesus to the cross was an action satan regretted the most and is still ever regretting the most till date. Till today, he bites his fore finger, saying "had I known..."
Thinking that he was afflicting his fellowmen, not knowing he was undoing himself. Until his cup
 was full; but too late
Each time a man think he is trying to nail, afflict and unleash cruelty on his neighbour, a friend or colleague in office, he is actually undoing himself.
First, God will ultimately arise for the oppressed and deliver him. God can promote him, change his level and take him out of the oppressors reach, like He did for Modecai and Joseph; or He moves in any other way typical of His strange manifestations, on behalf of the afflicted.
Secondly, the wicked oppressor is now faced with the consequences of his evil words and actions. For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap. Having sowed winds in the lives of others, what awaits him is a harvest of whirlwind.
None can hide from Him
God must repay him back no matter how hard he hides. Let him go and hide under the bottom of the sea with the marines, if he so likes. For it is a righteous with God to repay with tribulation, they that trouble His own. He knows how to get him, where ever runs to, or hide.
It's time we change and amend our ways even as believers and let righteousness pervades our collective lifestyles and dealings with others. We need to do this, not for the sake of others but for the sake of our own very selves. Because when the chickens finally come home to roost, it is not always funny.
Let us have this understanding as believers that it is righteousness that delivers not wickedness. For a man shall not be established by wickedness and mischief. Of a truth we are not saved by our works, yet we are saved by the finished work of Christ unto good works. Yeah, to manifest and exhibit good works.
And if you're out there but yet to understand what righteousness is all about, even the righteousness that surpass that of the Scribes and Pharisees, come today unto Jesus and let Him save you, change your life and nature,  give you a new hope and teach you His righteous ways.


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