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Your Innermost Being, His Uttermost Demand

Your innermost gift is your uttermost gift to Him. By so doing, so make yourself unto Him, a walking altar.
In essence, you make yourself unto Him
A walking altar
Words In Season:

Your material gifts to God are good but the gift of your innermost heart is far better.
         Adopted & abridged


"Keep thy heart with all diligence: for out of it are the issues of life"

             Proverbs 4:23

While would God want you to keep your heart, with that level of diligence that demands ALL ? So you can give it to Him, having kept for Him.
It is what you keep for somebody that you are able to give to him when he requests for it. You can't spend or give out your children's school fees and still expect to give it to them when they ask of it. Same goes for your wife's house keeping allowance. And your guess is as good as mine, of the consequence, when she asks of it and you can't produce it. That's "yawa" for sure.
Your heart is the seat of your deep thoughts, imaginations, desires emotions and strongest feelings.
When something comes from your heart you will be prepared to do the incredulous
That is why we hear "don't break my heart"
God asks for your heart first above all your resources. Because it is with your heart that you believe Him, love Him and your fellow man, and worship Him acceptably. Really, you will find after you have sought Him with whole of your heart.
Even all the material giving and offerings must be from this same heart. Not just an outward ritual, with your heart on a hill far away!
God need your heart first. That is why He asks you to keep it, with all diligence and care, so you can give it to Him when He asks of it. He said "son give Me your heart"
Are you still there doings things as a matter of routine, but your heart is not in it but elsewhere? That is what is called religion and rituals. God wants your heart now. And even now.
Come to Him through Jesus, His son. He will save you, cleanse you of your sins and purify your heart in readiness to present it to God.


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