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What Shall A Man Give In Exchange?

Take it as a calculus for a good life and good works or get enslaved by it
Words In Season:

Thieves ask 'your money or your life' God first asks for your life, then your money as seed to multiply and bless you.

A Kingdom Patriot

".....or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"
       Matthew 16:27b

Even if the person loves money so much and preferred the thief take his life, rather than his money the thief will still kill him and take his money. Thereby losing both.
But when the rich young ruler would rather keep his money, God let him go with both his money and his life. Though at the end he still lost both, but God never fired a single shot at him. Things simply took care of themselves naturally.
Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul if he gains the whole world but....?
God would rather prefer you give your life to Him first, before sowing your thousands and millions in His Kingdom as seeds for Him to multiply and bless you with. To Him, godliness and uprightness comes first, before sowing your seeds. He wants your soul first. Jesus wants your soul, the devil also wants your soul. The two want your soul for two opposite reasons. Jesus wants your soul, so He can save it and save you for life and eternity.
The devil wants your soul to destroy it, for the same period and duration - life and eternity. Because that was his major ministry - to kill, steal and destroy. While his minor ministry is lies and deception.
The choice therefore is yours, on who among them to give and yield your soul to.
Fortunately, God is not asking first for your money like a thief. All He is saying is "son give Me your heart" Your soul first.
Yes, God is after your life! But wait...
...unlike others, whose mission when they are after your life is to harm and destroy, God is all out to save your life, change your life for good, even for better and do all the best He can help and bless you.
So what then are you waiting for? Give your life to Jesus today and let Him save and change your life for the better even for life and eternity.


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