A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Today Is Tomorrow You Prepared Not For

Words Of Knowledge:

Today is tomorrow you did not save and invest toward yesterday.
           Soji Omole

"And that food shall be for store against the seven years of famine, which shall be in the land of Egypt, that the land perish not through the famine"
        Genesis 41:36

The first landmark event in ancient Egypt that any man as wise and discreet as Joseph should use as reference to guide his life is the law of seasons of plenty and of famine.
That is one of the reasons why even millionaires get broke and experience challenging seasons. It is not the economy. It is the God of times and seasons who set them against one another. Bible said in the book of Ecclesiastes that in the days of prosperity be joyful, in the day of adversity, consider.
Consider what?
Either with regrets or satisfaction, what you did with the day prosperity and plenty.
There will always be two seasons in life. Seasons of plenty and seasons of famine. How you survive in seasons of famine is directly proportional with you did with your seasons of plenty. So what did you do with your days of plenty? Wasted the surplus on frivolities and vanities? Go for another Avensis car or straight to Dubai for another in gathering of more toys? Or Nigerian dentists are no longer good enough, so to Germany you now go, to fix your teeth each time they need fixing?
Nigerian midwives are no longer qualified enough to take delivery of your pregnant wife, so to Honolulu you head. Where your child will become a second class citizen of a predominantly white majority? And when issues arise in the future, his or her white mates will not hesitate to call him or her by name - a "nigger"
I even had it on good authority from a boss last week that some guys dryclean their apparels in London, then freight it back to Nigeria.
The earliest we face this reality the better, that not all will have access to government money. And even if you have access to government money, as a Christian believer must you steal? Must you steal and trade off your earthly and eternal destiny for a mess of porridge? The Bible said wealth gotten by vanity shall diminish, but he that gathers by labour shall increase.
The point is from whatever comes your way as a legitimate income, be it from a stream of income or some other streams, or a wind fall, learn not only save against the rainy day, but to invest against it.
It not only being hardworking alone God admonished us to learn from ants. But also the way they invest their time, building up food reserves against rainy days.
Because it is God Who set the two seasons against one another, not even the economy or recession.
Pa Victor Olaiya sang "...ilu le, o..." since people like us were toddlers. When I used to be given one penny to school. I will spend half a penny in the morning and half at break time. Yet my mates still look at me with envy!
So who then is now asking for the head of Nigeria minister of finance there?
Blame not any government for your woes
but blame your foolishness.
"But I bring my tithes regularly to His house" Like Job, you argue with God. But what did you do with the rest? Can you honestly be accountable to God with what you did with the rest, before expecting another again from Him?  Must you always travel abroad, buy a new car and change your wardrobe each time there is a windfall? Who told you the stock market has crashed? People are still smiling to the bank with cheques from stock brokers. Cheques that now come handy in a time like this. And if the stock market has crashed on your new 170" x 350" plasma screen, has the real estate market crashed? Can't wonder what you want that plasma screen as that big to watch? Is it Pele when he played his last world cup match?
I just hope I am not getting too hard these days.
Let us rather leave the rest unsaid and let let those who are still wise read between the lines. Then let them think of any adjustment they can still make yo redeem the lost time and put their house in order. After all, it is never too late to repent and no situation is irredeemable.
You heard me say just now that it is not too late to repent. It is never too late to accept Jesus, The Power and The Wisdom of God to us all that believeth.
Accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour today is the sure banker to securing your tomorrow.
Believe on Him and accept Him into your life today and let Him change your orientation about life and teach you better His ways.


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