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The Best Way To Look For Excellence

May we not look for trouble
Words In Season:

When a man begins to be purer in his eyes than his Maker, he is looking for only one thing - trouble.
       Soji Omole.

".....Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth........?" 

                  Job 1:7b. Job 2:3b

So it is now an immortal God that is praising a mortal man instead of a mortal man praising an immortal God? A perfect God praising an imperfect man and not the other way round? Then something must be going wrong somewhere. If it has come to that, trouble is looming somewhere!
And it came knocking on Job's door!

Spiritual pride can creep into a man's heart noiselessly like a lethal rattle snake! It crept quietly into Job's heart and God Who reads a man's heart like a television screen, began to play along with Job and kept wearing him more garlands. Imagine this "...there is none like him in the earth..." God saying that to a man instead of vice versa? And Job was lapping it all up and savouring it as a British conservative politician lap up encomiums from a party supporter on the floor of the House Of Commons! Until trouble came calling!
"Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more purer than his Maker...?" One of Job friends confronted him with this bitter truth, in Job 4:17.  But rather job listening and reasoning, he labelled his friends "miserable counsellors" Or is it comforters he called them?
Trouble chased them out of their ancestral homes
So Job kept rebuffing his friends and God on His throne too placed His hand on His chin, watching Job flinging and flaunting his filthy rags of self righteousness on His face. The number of hungry people he feeds daily, scholarships and bursary he awards every year to indigent students, contributions to his community projects etc. Job kept counting them and God too kept watching with amusement. It got to a stage Job was even ranking his fellow man made in God's image below the dogs of his house. Job 30:1. Come to think of that? But God could be very patient. May we not run Him out of patience. Amen!
Then did these friends got tired and "...ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes" Job 32:1.
But not until Job finally came to his senses and admitted that he has of a truth missed it somehow somewhere, did he got delivered. Hear him out;
"Wherefore I abhor myself and repent in dust and ashes" Job 34:6. Repent of what....? Your guess is as good as mine.

Or can one repent in dust and ashes of sins he has not committed?
Can you imagine an invisible and invincible God calling a visible and vulnerable man perfect? One is not surprised Job has to be shown how vulnerable he was, then. 
Or if Job be perfect, what then does he need to repent of? Repent just for the sake of it?
Even Jesus quickly returned the gold medal of "good Master" to a man who offered Him. How much more of Job?
My brother when God begins to pour encomiums on you like He did Job, go down on all your fours and crawl to His feet wailing " Lord, my Lord, why hast Thou forsaken me? Why do You want to kill me before my time?
Rev. Paul Jinadu and wife Kate;
he raised the prayer point
and I joined others to pray 
What have I done to deserve spiritual this set up?" Yes, Job matter was a real set up in the heavenlies. Let us then learn from his experience and be sober, humble and vigilant. Vigilant of any spiritual pride, self adulation with all sense of "I have arrived" Crush it before it gets out of hand or get blown out of proportion, or else!
Over twenty years ago 1998 to be precise, at a night vigil in Ibadan, a spiritual father and a sage in Christendom, Reverend Paul Jinadu of New Covenant Church, raised a prayer point based on Job's experience "Olorun má fi mi táákà níwájú esu" meaning: "God don't flaunt before the devil" I joined others to pray along shá... 
And as at 1998, Reverend Paul Jinadu was over 40 years in ministry! How would such a man raise a prayer point and I won't join him to pray?
No matter our degree of holiness, righteousness and obedience to God or exploits in life and ministry, we must stay humble and keep working on ourselves. And keep saying to ourselves and let God be hearing it loud and in your heart that "I may have done what He wants of me, but there is still room for improvement" Paul the Apostle said I am what I am by the grace of God. Go and do likewise.
Yet somebody there need to start from somewhere, before we talk of room for improvement. 
And the take off point is to repent of your sins and confess them, believe and ask Jesus into your life to save you.


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