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The Acid Test Of The Wise And Fool

Words In Season:
But he who is learned and takes others as unlearned is the chief of all ignoramus

The acid test of a fool is his tendency to rate others as fools.

      Soji Omole


"Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear The LORD, and depart from evil"
      Proverbs 3:7


A proverb in our place, literally translated says, a man that is wise and think others are fools, is really the chief and father of fools.
When you think yourself to be wise and rate others as fools, then you underrate them. And nothing finishes a man faster in life and it's battles other than underrating others. Underrating your opponents in battle is losing the battle at the planning stage.
No matter my scheming and manoeuvres when handling a man or a group of men, in the process of fighting a just cause, a voice always comes into my spirit "what of if he also........."
Then knowing that other man is not a moron or buffoon, I return to the drawing board to re-strategise! And until that voice "what of if he also...." Whittles down, I keep fine tuning and fine tuning details. And when finally I strike, it has always been with deadly accuracy! Deadly accuracy as in, either exposing the works of darkness rather than having any fellowship with them, foiling and truncating an evil plan or confronting and stopping it while in operation planning stage, which may involve enforcing what is justice and righteousness in situation of oppression etc, etc. Of a must, I need to clarify that deadly accuracy lest I scare off any.
How come?
I believe the other man also went to school and even if he doesn't, he is grown up enough to know one or two things about life. When I am now face to face with him, be it in a conflict, on the side of a right cause, bidding or competing over a business opportunity, or when I was in civil service, the first thing I do is never to underrate. But size him up thoroughly before planning and mapping out strategies.
Lest I forget to add this; any who have ever suffered any bruise from my side, got it because he or she underrated my humble self.
This among others is the high cost of foolishness. Being wise in one's own conceit. And never reckoning that the other man may even be wiser than you. Romans 12:16b
High mindedness rooted in pride and arrogance, still remains the root cause of foolishness. Really pride is the groom and foolishness is the bride. And funny enough, both of them are no respecter of age or riches.
I mean it matters not to them if their victim is rich or poor, young or old. Because their singular mission of both this odd couple is to destroy and bring low their victims.
For a man's pride will bring him low. A verse in a chapter in the book of Proverbs said.
Humble yourself today and come to Jesus, The meek and lowly in spirit, despite being The Most High, and learn pure wisdom and humility from Him.
And you will find rest for your hitherto restless souls.


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