A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Stay In Your Lane

There is nothing as good as staying in your lane in a race, if you really want to win the race.
Words Of Knowledge:
You are not to run someone else's course, for God has sent a different course before each of us.
Kenneth E. Hagin [Following God's Plan For Life]


"Let everyman abide by the same calling wherein he was called"
     I Corinthians 7:20
I learnt from our Inter House sports activities, in my high school days, that when one of the participants in a long distance race crossed into another man's lane, it becomes an infringement.
After confirming teaching as one God's gift and calling for my life in an early morning quiet time with God in 1991, I nearly rushed into ministry. But this word came like a physical elbow jab on my side for stay of execution.
Abide by His pattern and blueprint for your calling. Not all teachers, evangelists, prophets, you name it, are to set up a church or follow the same mode of operation in ministry.
Thank God, I was stopped on my tracks. And I heeded His voice.
Pressures and comparisons will come from brethren, loved ones who really meant well, even your own very wife. Don't yield to such pressures. Abraham yielded to pressure from his wife. The world is still cleaning up the mess as at press time.
A Pastor friend of mine, who really meant well, even asked me to join him in ministry in Osogbo in year 2007. Likening the ultimate outcome of our  relationship in ministry like that of Bishop Oyedepo and Abioye. I smiled like Bishop Abioye himself always smile, and declined.
"Let every man abide by the same calling wherein he was called"

God has an exact blue print, mould and pattern for your life and calling, same way he gave the specifications of The Ark to Noah.

1. Discover it.
2. After discovering it, don't join the crowd, find out from Him, the details and specifications.
3. Abide with it and stay focused as you run with the vision. And........
4. Let not pressure, criticisms and  comparison with others, by friends and relations distract you. Laser like focus still remain the cure for distractions.
Yet there is a general calling for all. And that calling is to first discover His plan for your salvation through Christ Jesus. That God's first and primary plan for ALL men is for them to be saved and come to know Him.
Come to Jesus today and let Him save you and reveal  God's plan for your life.

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