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Quite Delicate, But We Need To Face And Treat Them

Words In Season:

When the purpose of a thing is not understood, abuse is inevitable.

            Myles Munroe

"And God saw everything He has made, behold, it was very good....."
           Genesis 1:31

Name anything on earth that sons of men did not abuse.
It does not matter how delicate a wound is, treating the wound is the path to healing and recovery. Now matter how much many are evading a matter, someone need to face it. Not only face it but also treat and trash it. We have been "pending" this file too long, time to treat it and send to the out tray.
Let's start from a dicey 'thing' that our fathers of faith have to outrightly forbid for Christians but which in reality was never forbidden by God from Genesis to Revelation in The Bible. But when it was being incessantly abused, our spiritual fathers anathemised it out of consumable items for Christians, though God never.
But why would God command Moses to overlay nearly every component of the Ark Of the Covenant with pure gold, if He so much hates it?
Or do you add what you hate among the building materials to build your house?
I will still call it 'the thing' As I continue you can decode it. John the Baptist came neither taking it, men talked............let's leave it at that. By divine revelation we understood that its original purpose WHEN NOT ABUSED is to:
                            1. Soothe
                            2. Calm
                            3. Relax the nerves
                            4. Cheer and make the
                                  the heart merry.
                    Judges 9:12 - 13, Psalm 104:15
But the first one to abuse it, was our own very father Noah. We all know the rest of the story.
And ever since men has been abusing it from generation unto generation. Therefore our fathers of faith decided to outrightly forbid it, to be on the safer side. Paul in all his epistles only hammered against "much" and "excess" of it.
And if it is speaking of New Testament, God will never typify His Kingdom assignment with anything linked to it as "Vineyard of The Lord" Or what is being produced in a vineyard?
But when men began to abuse it, our faith fathers abolished it from our menu table, be it in excess or moderation. And sincerely I support our faith fathers for their decision. Or what else could you have done if you were in their shoes?
Or could you watch your own children being washed down the drain?
But do our faith fathers also abolish sex from our menu table? Even POST marital? Because some husbands now outrightly rape their wives, each time the latter deny them of it. Because that is the most abused item today among God's items, in the menu sheet meant of what he gave men to enjoy.
Some husbands can't just control themselves when it comes to that.
Do we also abolish love? Am not even speaking of it the bastardised form, as in men now turning it immoralities.
But we are soeaking as in how the love God is being abused in the Church of God today.
The love of God being abused as a liberty taken for license to continue sinning against God and our fellow brethren in the Church. As a license to form a cabal, siphoning tithes and offerings of saints into private pockets. Then expecting God's grace to abound?
Do the fathers of faith outrightly abolish the love of God also, since it is being watonly abused by believers?
While waiting for answers to that question, if you are yet to have a taste of how sweeter than honey this love of God is, then you need to have a taste.
You need to taste how sweet Jesus is today, by surrendering your life to Him and be saved.


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