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A word in season to change men times and seasons. A word in season to stay in motion

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On Which Side Of The Fence Will You End Up?

On which side of the fence will you end up. Because sitting on the fence is not allowed.

Words In Season:

Truth without love, is brutality and love without truth is hypocrisy.
A.W. Tozer.

Because whatever is written under "bottomline" is direct and original, I will not put this under that word. But you need to read it and take it as today's e - tract:

A guy slept off while waiting for his roommate, who keeps late night. As he tried turning around, a huge dark figure with flamy eyes opened his door, he wanted to scream but all strength was gone. Was it a dream or vision? He cant tell. It stared deep into his eyes and handed him a letter, he opened it.......
Dear Jude,
I couldn't make it home last night because I died. I thought life after death is an elusion but am here lonely and afraid in pains and in torments the torture is unending, I cant explain it but am dying a thousand times in a second.
You never told me this place was for real and how to avoid it. We grew up together, went to school together and did everything in common but you never told me about this new life of yours. I asked you severally and you jokingly pushed it aside. I was a good man with a charitable heart but that didn't count here.
The angel told me, am without Christ and my name is not in the book of life. I asked you yesterday morning whats this born again stuff and you said you don't want to bore me. Am in pains, can you hear the screams, the torments of the great and the less, I was told its for eternity.
You betrayed our friendship. You never told me sex while yet unmarried was fornication but you cautioned me against AIDS. You never told me getting high was drunkenness, you just told me not to drink and drive, you never told me lying was sin, all you just said was don't be caught. I hate you for this....aaaahhh am dying again here but am alive, the flames keeps getting hotter. I wish you were here.
You deceived me to the end. If you had told me about Jesus and salvation I knew I couldn't be here. I died only a few hours ago, I was drunk and ran into a pole but it seems I have been here for years. Please tell my family and all our friends about salvation.
Am dying again but death wont come.
Its me, Henry.
He woke up at about 2:45AM with a banging headache and his phone started ringing, he picked it up and what he heard scared him to his bones. "Hello, Henry is dead"

Today is still another opportunity to tell someone very dear to you about Jesus Christ and His saving grace.
I just told you because I will never want you to end up in HELL HAVE YOU TOLD SOMEONE ABOUT JESUS TODAY?
U can copy, share and paste in other group chats please. God will help us in this race in the mighty name of Jesus.

And now:....
Don't love and tolerate a friend, roommate, classmate or colleague to the extent that you won't be able to tell him the truth about his eternal destiny.
Even if has to be on a forum like this, get the message across to him.
After all, those who will be reading this are my friends not my enemies in this social media forum.
Therefore today if you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.

Friends, eternity is real. On which side will you end up? On which side of the fence will you end up? Because on this matter, sitting on the fence is not allowed when it comes to making your choice. The choice is yours today.


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