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Not About What You Did, But What You Did Not Do

Words In Season:

I believe this video clip, is more than enough for today.
Yet this is the:

Caleb said "give me this mountain...."

He went after his dreams.

Not only making a difference along with Joshua, among the 12 spies that singled him out, he was a dream pursuer. A dream chaser and a goal getter.
The greatest killer of dreams is not even failure. After all there will always be room and opportunity to try again, even and again. It will enable you to guide others along the way.
But the greatest killer of dreams is doubt.
Stop doubt before it stops you. Or rather stop doubting before it kills your dreams. Or do I say, stop doubt before it kills you. Otherwise, when your dream is killed, what else is there to live for?
Jesus still injects faith, that kills this deadly virus called doubt, to whoever comes to Him and believes in Him.
Come to Him and believe in Him today.


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