A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Is There Any Beyond His Grasp And Grip?

To avoid falling into error, lay hold, keep and maintain a firm grip on the truth
Words Of Knowledge:

The creature God cannot handle, He is yet to create.
   Yoruba Proverb

"And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whosoever it shall fall, it shall grind him to powder"
          Matthew 21:44

Two events in the land of Egypt have become part of the principles that govern and direct the affairs of men.
The first is the law of season of plenty, and season of famine.
In the season of plenty we should be wise and discreet like Joseph, to save and invest against the days of famine. A subject we will treat far more elaborately in the future.
The second is how God handles and deals with the stiffnecked, even those who harden themselves against Him despite warnings from Him and entreaties from men.
The more Moses kept telling Pharaoh "let My people go" the more he hardens himself And the more God kept plaguing him. And the more God kept plaguing him, the more stiffnecked he gets. And God will not be the first to blink when a man dare stare at Him in the face. So He kept plaguing Pharaoh until Pharaoh lost his first born and ALL in Egypt who would have been coming to sign the condolence register at palace, also lost theirs.
Many are like that in this present day. Going through all sorts of hard times, difficulties and plagues. But the more God kept warning them and men kept entreating  them, the more adamant they get. Then the more God increases the volume from minimum to maximum, yet budge they won't.
For these category of men, God final card goes beyond killing their first born or any of their children.
Some would rather even die than budge. Just like Jonah who prefer to die and asked to be thrown into the deep sea, than go to Nineveh! To them God will answer; "I won't kill you but make you go through worse things than death.
And if finally they would rather still die, He makes sure they don't like an hero,  but die like a dog and be buried like a dog, just like Herod. And if they still sneered back at God; "is that the worst you can do?" God is on ground to show them he is not yet done with them. A place has He prepared for them to wail gnash their teeth in eternal regret.
Men having dared God that the worst that happen to them, should they continue to harden their necks in iniquity is to die, God also ensued that after they die, their troubles has just begun, and it's going to be permanent and eternal. So they can realise but too late, that He is indeed "a consuming fire"!
Where do go from here?
If you will not stop hardening yourself against God, even if you die thinking you are 'brave' the next phase is far far and far worse, hereafter.
Stop hardening yourself against your Maker today and stop suffering. Surrender today and let Him stop the plague and lift the siege over your life. Come to Jesus today and let Him save, redeem and  reconcile you back to God.


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