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How To Walk And Not Stumble

It is good to be humble, because God exalts the humble.

Words In Season:

Be humble and you will never stumble.
Iortim James


"Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time"

              I Peter 5:6

Let it not surprise any that the next verse immediately after the scripture above, is "be sober be vigilant....." A warning against our ever prowling enemy.
It takes humility for a man to be sober and be vigilant. The trade mark of pride is an  I know it all, overconfidence. I know it all, let no one correct me, or offer me a better advice. I know better than everybody. A proud man or woman will never admit that he or she is wrong. Much more of taking correction or offering an apology.
Our people say a man that thinks himself to be wise but take others as fools, is really the father of fools.
Beside sexual immorality, pride has always remain a major strategy of the devil to bring men down, both believers and non believers.
The only remedy both curative and preventive is; humble yourselves.
When you humble yourself, you will be able to see reason with others, even with God. You will be able to admit you are wrong and change direction no matter how you have been wrong.
When you humble yourself, you will  be able to see the log of wood in your own very eyes instead of the speck of sawdust you are howling at in the eyes of others.
When you humble yourself, you will able to tread with care and caution, instead of treading rough, which the enemy would have preferred, so you can fall into the pit he has dug. But when you humble yourself and tread carefully, you won't even stumble much more of falling into the enemy's pit.
I see us all receiving grace to humble ourselves at all times in the mighty hands of God, so He can exalt us.
Now listen sir, it is time throw off that garb of status and position of "how are we to hear" and run as fast as your legs can carry you to Jesus. Swallow that your pride today and humble yourself at the feet of Jesus, and confess Him as Lord and be saved.


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