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From One Chapter To Another

From chapters to chapters, from pages to pages.
Words In Season:

Your destiny is like a book that opens from one chapter to another, from one page to another.

    Adopted & repackaged


"But we all with an open face beholding as in a glass the glory of The Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by The Spirit of The Lord"
     II Corinthians 3:18


Be it as it may, as you move from one chapter to another and one page to another, in the volume of the book written of you, be sure to enjoy each chapter and pages.
Challenges that come along the way are simply chapters and pages that you are to endure reading through until you flip over to the next chapter and pages. To now close the book in exasperation because of those not too interesting chapters and pages and throw it to a nearby bookshelf is to disappoint God and shortchange your destiny.
Interesting as James Hadley Chase and Nick Carter series are, there are some chapters and pages that are somehow boring. But the reader keeps reading and flipping over the pages until he get to the exciting pages and chapters. Pages and chapters that will for the rest of the book keep him on his toes until he finishes reading it.
I see the remaining chapter of your lives exciting! You need not type amen, just say amen.
Joseph opened the first chapter and pages of the book and it was quite exciting. Or what could be more exciting with a loving and doting wealthy father, who loved him above all his brothers? With a coat of many colours from the finest boutique in town to 'swagger' at his peeks?
But suddenly, Joseph got to the most boring somehow grievous pages and chapters. But he kept reading. Until he got to the most exhilarating chapters and pages that kept him excited until he finished the book. Pages and chapters that made him forget the previous grievous chapters and pages, and even forgive  the human catalysts of those grievous chapters and pages.
When God arise for you and turn your captivity, blesses and vindicates you at last, forgiving the human catalysts becomes a walk over, not a struggle.
The book is opened to you this day, but you need to start from page 1. And that page is all written about Jesus Christ and the need for you to embrace Him as Lord and saviour. So you can be saved and escape the impeding and inevitable wrath of God! A grievous chapter and pages that will soon be opened upon the sons of disobedience.
Harden not your heart today, if you hear His voice.


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