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How To Exercise Our Powers In The Direction Of Revival

Words In Season:

"There are many Spirit filled devoted persons, living pure devoted lives who nevertheless exercise little or no power in the direction of revival"
          A. W. Tozer (Paths To Power)

"Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house"
           Matthew 5:16

Agreed that you are not as spiritually empty like that of a straight gun barrel, but fully loaded even to the brim and to over flowing.  The next step is to let it impact and influence those around you, to the point of igniting a revival. It takes just a candle to light ten thousands of other candles. Just a stick of a flaming match can burn hectres of wheat field!
Because revival is an overflow of full and running over spirituality which can be ignited by just a single man or woman. Charles G. Finney for instance for men and Catherine Kulman for that of women. As a woman you can make Catherina Kulman your role model and let your life radiate her exemplary spirit filled life and fire brand ministry. Same goes for you as a man following after the likes of Charles G. Finney or John Knox who cried unto God "Give me Scotland or I die" We need a man like that in Nigeria today.
A man can cry "Give US BACK Nigeria or..." Bob Marley sang "Lord give us another Moses..." in his song "Exodus" You could be that man we need in Nigeria now as a matter of urgency!
That Bible passage in our bearing above says and "it giveth light to ALL in  the house*. Not to some but to ALL in the house.
A man or woman filled with The Spirit is just enough a catalyst of revival in any fellowship or church or just any nation he or she finds himself or herself..
The crux of the matter? All of us still need to work on ourselves. There are still and there will always be room for improvement in our Father's House. Even the Bible spoke of the spirits of just men being made perfect the book of Hebrews. Even after their passage to Paradise, they are still undergoing perfection and further regeneration. I pray The Lord bless our understanding to this eternal truth. So we will not be discouraged but rather press on the upward way of spiritual progress.
The ultimate goal of which is perfection and conformity to His perfect image. So shall We will keep perfecting holiness in the fear of The Lord until one man, I mean just one man or woman's spiritual life get blown out of proportion and ignites the long awaited fire of revival! Just one man or woman.
It was on record that the Azuza revival was ignited by a one eyed Spirit filled man in USA. God bypassing those with two good eyes!
Therefore let us humble ourselves and receive grace from Him to press on the upward way to higher ground day by day.
Now listen carefully, if you are yet to know Christ, today is the day to humble yourself at His feet. Even if you are a celebrity or star. Stardom without Christ and your name fully written in The Book of Life, is a super vanity fair. Come to Jesus today, take His yoke upon your shoulders and learn humility from Him. And you will find rest for your souls.


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