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Climbing Up And Staying There

Mountain top experience should be our hunger and thirst
Words In Season:

He who jumps up come down, but he who climbs up stays there.
 Bishop David Abioye (abridged)


"But we with an open face beholding as in a glass the glory of The Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even by The Spirit of The Lord"   

  II Corinthians 3:18

Absalom jumped up, he came down. Same goes for Adonijah. Adojah even jumped up higher, but the higher he jumped up, the harder he hit the ground. First he broke his ankles, until finally he took another jump again by making requisition for Abishag, the last among his father's harem of women and hit his head on bare concrete.
Next, he ended up with the undertakers.
Growth, development, increase and promotion are in stages and levels. Step by step. Call it bit by bit, it's allowed.
It is like a staircase;
you climb one step
at a time
It is like a staircase. One step at a time. One stage at time. One bite at bite at a time. Otherwise, you bite more than you can chew. Ask Joseph and ask David also. They both climbed the staircase, one at a time. David first killed the bear, after the lion and next Goliath. From there he raised a protective force who were at the onset ragtag militants until he trained and grew them to a formidable army that never suffered a single defeat in battle.
It was not only Rome that was not built in a day,
even this high rise building was
not built in a day
These are to protect him and the people of Israel as part of his preparation to ascend the throne. Then he ascended the throne.
Even Moses, when he attempted to jump the gun, God kept him in the wilderness for another 40 years! A Nigerian proverb says "it is not the day we start growing tall that we hit the sky" God's word said John the baptist was in the wilderness until the day of his manifestation.
", and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his showing unto Israel." Luke 1:80
So wait the day of your manifestation. And until the day comes, note the word "And the child grew" You got to grow and keep growing until you and grow into it until you grow your way up.
Not The great Master was
left out of the process
before receiving The Name
above all names
Reverend Sam Adeyemi said success is not a day's job but a daily job. Another one interpreted the word diligence as "consistent application of efforts" Yes keep doing it and doing it consistently.
But the journey has to start somewhere.
It begins with coming to terms with your need of reconciliation with God via His Son - The Savior Jesus Christ. No man comes to God but by Him. He is the only way to The Father. Come to Jesus today and let Him teach you the path to success and stardom.


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