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Can A Sword Carve It's Own Handle?

Words Of Knowledge:

No matter how sharp a sword is, it cannot carve it's handle.
Evolved & Adapted.

"Behold he put no trust in His servants; and His angels He charge with folly:

How much less than them that dwell in houses of clay, whose foundation is  in the dust....." 

                Job 4:18 - 19

Yesterday, we took a kook at Job and what would have really prompted God to allow such a hurricane that shook his household and faith. God does not need to prove to any weather I am His son or not. He already knew my antecedents right from when He was forming me from my mothers womb. So, He knows my strengths and limits and need not prove them to any, not even the devil.
Something really went wrong somewhere. And God has to apply the hammer and chisel on Job, to shapen him up. And to also teach him to look well after his family.
All because they are children of a rich father, if all David Oyedepo Junior and his siblings have been doing all their life is rotating eating and wine drinking parties from one sibling's house to another, will he become the fiery gospel minister he is today? A time bomb waiting to explode on the face of adversaries?
Even, when the hurricane finally came, it met Job's children eating and drinking wine! Job 1:13, 18 - 19. God loved Job, but he love him too much than allow things to continue that way in his family.
Oga nasty holiness preacher how are things today? You utter cutting sharp words that must wound the heart of hearers all n the name preaching holiness, speaking to them like slaves, while in reality they are beloved sons and joint - heirs with Christ. And each time you mount the pulpit every body dive for cover, because nobody knows whose head the rod of iron will land today! And you are licking your lips in relish, enjoying it all. Same way Job was enjoying his. God is soaking your cane in petrol.
By the time He flaunts and make you "swagger" before the devil, your body go "cooleee" and you will come to reality with your humanity.
Then you will know that you are a PARTAKER of Divine Nature. And you cannot be holier than God The Possessor of The Divine Nature. No matter what. If there any prayer point I love raising from time to time, it was the one raised by one of our spiritual fathers, Reverend Paul Jinadu at a vigil many years ago:- "Lord don't use me to boast before the devil" And the one who interpreted in Yoruba put it: "Olúwa má fi mi táákà níwájú èsù" Yes, Lord. always tell the devil to leave that frail looking sickly child alone. Baba Jinadu wisely taught us that night.
I love teaching the subject of holiness and righteousness a lot in addition to practising them. But I am smart enough to understand that I still need to work on myself and that there will always be room for improvement as long as Jesus tarries. This keeps me more humble than before. And I dare not look down on weaker Christians. Much more of ranking their fathers below the level of my dogs, like Job did. Job 30:1b.
So I don't have to be critical and judgemental and be nasty with my words when instructing others in the way of righteousness.
Same way I am not being nasty with you today, if you are yet to receive Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. There will always be room for change as long as you are still alive. Therefore I congratulate you today for being alive to take this decision and step of faith. Which is to repent of your sins, believe and accept Jesus as Lord.


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