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Because He Is Involved

As long as God is the picture, it is never late
Words In Season:

It can be late even belated, if God is not in the picture; but never late when God is involved.
                  The King's Scribe 


"When he had heard therefore that he was sick, He abode two days still in the same place where he was" 

                               John 11:6

To any modern day medic, Lazarus sickness was an emergency case that deserves Jesus urgent and prompt response and attention. As a friend, Jesus ought to drop whatever He was doing then and drive at a neck breaking speed, down to the house and Martha and Mary. Maybe along with an ambulance!
But His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, so are His ways Higher, yea, higher than our ways.

Rather, according to the passage above, Jesus stayed back for two more days instead of rushing down to attend to His friend.
Of course His prompt attention would have saved Lazarus from dying. But alas, doctors did all the best they can to battle to save his life, but Lazarus finally gave up the Ghost. Even when Jesus knew by word of knowledge that Lazarus was dead, rather than rush down again, to raise him up before he get buried and his corpse begins to decompose, Jesus would rsther have Lazarus body decompose before He steps in. Why because in the eyes of men it is already late but as long as Jesus is still involved in a matter, it is never late. And that exactly was what Jesus was all out to prove.
I could imagine men and women holding tight their nose when Jesus got to the scene and asked them to roll away the stone.
I believe that we all knew the rest of the story, but just for the records, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after three days. The level to which  Lazarus body has decomposed may become a case study for professors of morbidity and pathology or haematology or physiology. But to us, it is of no consequence.

All we know is that when God is still interested in a case, it is never too late.
So is your case never too late if you are yet to return to God by accepting His Son Jesus and be saved. You can do that today. Tomorrow maybe too late, but as at the closing of today, it is never too late to repent of your sins, believe and accept Jesus today and be saved.


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