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Action, When You Believed, Makes All The Difference

Acting out what you believed makes all the difference

Words In Season:

The trouble with many of us today is that we are trying to believe without intending to obey.

            A. W. Tozer


"Thou therefore that teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal?
Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? thou that abhorrest idols, doest thou commit sacrilege?" Romans 2:21 - 22


Getting a bit tougher today. But the days are getting perilous, and The Groom is getting set. So we can't afford to take things lying low. We may change the approach, making it softer and tender. But we just can't throw away the facts but face it. Not only to be rapturable, as many posit but to enjoy the best of our Lovely Holy Father. For those living right only because of rapture, supposing there is no rapture? It means many of you will at a beer joint by now drinking yourself to stupor, a stick of cigar in your mouth and a half clad woman at your left hand. I leave your matter till another day.
We are speaking of a cordial relationship with a God Who loved us so much and want the best for us. Then ultimately take us to where He is, to live with Him for ever, but your own motive of living right is self protective and for self preservation. Just to escape the flames of hell! Too bad! You need to climb a step higher.
When a son obeys his father all because he fears his cane and whippings, too bad for such a son.
A. W. Tozer went further; "the message of the Cross contains two elements: (1). Promises and declarations to be believed, and (2). Commandments to be obeyed. Obviously faith is necessary for to the first and obedience to the second"
The two goes hand in hands, like two sides of dollar note. Yea, faith and obedience.
To present a one sided dollar bill at a Bureau de change, is to risk a jail term.
Are you there on the excuse that some people live contrary to what they preach? Can you imagine a drowning man holding to a straw? That is what such excuse is like. Leave to those men to account to Him on the last day, but you yield your life to Jesus today and be saved.


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