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A Loner With God Commands The Majority Vote

Words In Season: It is not good for a man to be alone but there is nothing as good as for a man to regularly be alone with God.
                            The King's Scribe
"Thou will shew me the path of life: in Thy presence is fulness of joy; at Thy right hand pleasures for evermore"
                               Psalm 16:11
I have been hearing of fun seekers or do we put it, men seeking fun. What are they after? What will bring them joy and make them happy.
Everyman desire happiness and enjoyment. Even the mad man on the street felt what he is doing is what can bring him joy, even if it will mean stripping himself naked!That seems to him the right thing to do
To make matters better, not worse, joy and pleasure is the will of God for man. Because He that created all things for His pleasure cannot be that selfish as not to desire pleasure for others.Else it becomes sadism - deriving pleasure at the expense of others pain.
But how then do men seek joy and pleasure? Some seek it in seeing others suffering and afflicted. The society call them egocentric sadists. And the book of Job said the joy of the wicked is for a moment.
Others seek it in several self gratifying adventures that will waste our time enumerating in details here. Details many of us know, anyway. It could be sleeping with other men's wives, stealing from others, taking advantage of others etc. Some even seek it in the occult.
But what pleasure does an act brings a man, that leaves him empty and guilty even fearful of it's certain consequences at the end of the day?
Nothing brings a man more joy and pleasure than always being alone with God his Maker. That is what among several other things, He gave His children richly to enjoy, that brings lasting joy and pleasure.
In being alone with Him, you find rest. With Him One on one, you find long awaited answers to questions that flood your soul with peace and joy. Alone with Him, you find lasting solutions to problems defying your capacity. In so doing you delegate your battles to Him to fight. We can go on and on.
Being alone with God
may at first look scary but at the
end it Shall speak.
But the natural man receives not the things of the spirit, as The Bible says. Some of them cannot even stay quiet and alone for five or minutes in a room without any man in sight. Fear grips their heart. Trepidation and palpitation flood their souls like waters released from a dam.
Jesus is all you need today, the Prince of peace and rest Giver.
Invite Him to your life today, and find lasting even everlasting joy and pleasure.


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