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What Then Happens When Courage Is Unsurmountable?

To those who try to surmount  courage when situation arises, what then happens when courage become unsurmountable in a situation?
                                      Soji Omole

"A lion which is strongest among the beasts, and turneth not away from any"
    Proverbs 30:30

When courage become a thing you should pump up, what happens if the pump refuse to pump?
I lion sleeps and wakes up with courage. Not even five hundred rotweller dogs can move close to a lion, even when It is asleep. Not even a thousand. Because it's courage is inbuilt. The lion sleeps and wake up with courage.
So also must you sleep and wake up with courage. Your courage must be inbuilt like that of a lion. For a lion to wake up from sleep and found itself surrounded by a thousand alsatian dogs, it doesn't need to summon courage. All it needs to roar and  charge at them. And any who dare wait among the dogs end up in it's belly as breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the time of the day.
What then is the source of the lion's courage? The lion knows who he is, the strength he carries, his ability and capability as the strongest among the land animals, that turns not away from any.
The lion did not just possess this abilities, he believes in them. Not only does he believes in them, he is ready to go into action with them if the need arise at the snap of a finger.
So must you. Understand who you are, what you are and what you carry. Mere growls and bravado may not stand the test of time, the day the chips are down. It will only expose your limitations. And that will embarrass you.
Stand for the truth, stand for what is just and right. Don't just stand for them, do them. Be impartial and equitable in all your dealings with others. No soft spot for any, no favouritism. Play by the rules, even wars still have rules.
Above all, let The Greater one than all the arrogant and wicked creatures in the world put together, The Lion of the tribe of Judah Himself  be in you and live 24/7 in you. Then you are good to go, any time occasion demands that you stand against an oppressor or aggressor.
Any who does not have Christ inside of him could as well be like the proverbial hare that attempts to roar like a lion. All that it could was to squeak. And that attracted the attention of a fox, who had a good lunch.
Without Jesus Christ in you, you dare not dare anything. Give your life to Jesus today, and let Him live in you.


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