A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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The Pathway Out Of Trouble

Words Of Knowledge:

Forgiveness is the way forward, the way out of trouble and the pathway to peace.  You need to do it, not for the sake of the other person, but for your own sake. Call that holy selfishness, it is in order
                                                 Soji Omole

"The discretion of a man deferreth his anger, and it is his glory to pass over a transgression" Proverbs 19:11

Bottom line?
You need not only to forgive, you also need to be forgiven to be at peace  and for your soul to find permanent rest.
Jesus alone have authority in heaven and on earth to forgive men of their sins; and also engrace and enable men to overcome the spirit of unforgiveness and bitterness. Surrender it all to Christ today and give your life to Him. And "thou shall find rest for your souls"


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