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The Best Laughter

Words In Season:
In any combat, military, martial or spiritual, the deadliest strategy is to allow the opponent expend his energy and wear himself out before you strike.
"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy; but I AM come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" John 10:10

Why would Jesus allow the devil to first come become He comes? So that the devil can expend his energy and wear himself out. Then will He come. Overcome has a meaning like overwrite. Something has been written earlier, then you overwrite. In computer, it is a well known fact that the data that is used to overwrites the first stays both on the screen and on computer memory. While the data overwritten cease to appear on the screen and is gone for good on the computer memory. Permanently erased! Same goes for to overcome. The devil came first, but Jesus OVERcame. The devil appeared on the scene first, or do we call it the screen first. But Jesus came to overwrite him from the screen and overcame him from the scene.
On the cross at calvary, Jesus allowed the devil to first come. And came he did and expended all his energies on Him. Name any kind of wickedness, the devil expended all and spent it on Jesus.
And after the devil is spent and exhausted, all his energy and bullets, Jesus struck, and overcame him! And overcame He did. First Jesus collected the keys of hell and death from him, humiliated and stripped him of all that remain of his status, and on the third day He resurrected to destroy and nail the devil's coffin for good! Even on headship of principality and power, the devil lost out. God's word called Jesus the head of principalities and power.
"And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:" Colossians 2:10
Nothing left for him again! Absolutely nothing!
How come Jesus still have to be the Head of principality and power? My Chaplain in Yola explained thus: That the reason is for their close monitoring. Especially when they are having their meetings as per who next to strike. And as the Head of principality and power He - Jesus must be present. Or can a meeting hold without the presence of the leader?
So each time your case or my case come up on their agenda, Jesus their Head commands them to drop the case! Maybe look for another one. Preferably an unbeliever's! And they obey!! 
It was The Master that had the last laugh over Satan and his cohorts, thereby having the best laugh. And will continue to laugh the devil and his agents into derision, for life and eternity. Psalm 2:2 - 3
What are you going through in life? God only allowed the devil to come first to expend his energy and get exhausted. After, He comes to give you life and give you life abundantly. As He overcomes him and overwrite all his program against your disc operating system. Then write a new data of permanent victory on the screen and memory disc of your life. For example, of victory over sin, He writes a new data of "go and sin no more" just the same He overwrite over the memory disc of the woman caught in adultery.
And the new data of a brand new creature stays for good, while the data of old sinful nature is PERMANENTLY deleted! Allelujah!!
In all certainty, you need Him on your side always to win the battles of life. Because these battles are too real to be denied. And you a formidable and dependable ally in Jesus The Master Strategist.
Therefore, come to Him today and surrender your life and all to Him.


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