A word in season to him that is weary. A word in season to change men times and season

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Right People At The Right Moment

Words Of Knowledge:
One thing is surrounding yourself with the right people, another thing is having the right people around you at all times.
                      Soji Omole
"Kings' daughters were among thy honourable women: upon thy right hand did stand the queen in gold of Ophir"
Psalm 45:9

After the devil departed from Him in the wilderness, Jesus knew his next plans.
Understanding that the best warfare strategy is to foil an attack at the operational planning stage, to the seaside Jesus went. He recruited, three rugged fishermen, Peter, James and John. At Inland Revenue office He got Matthew. And within days, Jesus surrounded Himself with twelve men. And if need be for an assignment that privacy is needed or no space for all, He goes with at least three men.
What could have been the devils next plan? That which has brought rulers down on all their fours, and landed mighty men in the hands of their enemies, Samson for instance - WOMEN!
The only time Jesus was alone in His life and ministry was when He was at Gestsemane. Even at that, His disciples where close by watching at a distance.
The Maker of us all, knew the house of the Samaritan woman, but He did not go to her house, but rather met her beside a public well, where any can come to draw water, and see them.
David surrounded himself with the right men, but on that fateful day at the roof top, he did not have any of them around him.
Not a single security detail. Had he, the security detail in their customary manners would have rose to the occasion, blocked his view and guided him back down the staircase.
As a cube of sugar attracts ants, so does the anointing attracts women to the anointed.
Jesus undestood this, so is the devil. Both drew the battle line. Jesus ensuring that He was never alone both in private and public.
When you give your life to Jesus, He surrounds you with the men who will guide and direct aright. Yield your life to Jesus today.


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