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One Thing Is, Another Is.

Words In Season:
One thing is for God to permit the devil to come after you, another thing is for him to come and meet stiff resistance from your side.
                 Soji Omole
"Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day....."
         Ephesians 6:13
Let's go a bit hypothetical.
Supposing the devil came to Job and met stiff resistance? All efforts by him to intimidate and frighten Job and get a leeway into his life, Job rebuffed, like David would have done, and stood firmly on God's promises one of which said "fear not" What do you think God will answer the devil when he returns with a report of "mission NOT accomplished"?
Of course God will tell satan to look for someone else and let Job be.
My prayer again today is that satan will let you be and look for someone else.
One thing is for God to edge you around with His chariots of fire, another thing is for you to be aware and conscious of this.
Prophet Elisha was VERY conscious of this, therefore he refused to fear nor shake, when battalion of soldiers came calling and looking for his head.
Elijah the Tishbite was too sure and certain that those that are with him are more than the 50 military police soldiers and their captain. Therefore he wasted no time or efforts to mobilise. And the captain of 50 and his 50 well armed men turned to ashes! The second batch came, he performed the feat again.
The third batch came, and their captain went on all his fours and crawled in surrender towards Elijah.
If Job is aware of God's edge of fire around him or not, we would rather leave that till we meet him on the D day. But I perceived in my heart that, had Job been aware and conscious of it, he would not have feared the way he did and satan cashed in.
One major weapon of victory in faith, deliverance and warfare is for a believer to be conscious of what surrounds him, what he carries, who he is to God as an apple of His eyes, and the provisions God has made to avail him of His angelic security details. As the mountains encamp around Jerusalem, so they surround a believer 24/7.
We need not go further into scriptures, rather Emmanuel Eni, the testifier and the author of the book "Delivered From The Power Of Darkness" will corrobate this Biblical truth on a practical first hand experience basis.
What then do you as a believer need do when the enemy rises like a flood, with fearful and terrifying thoughts, preparatory to strike, like he struck Job? Fear not. Stand strong and stand firm on the promises of God. Resist him steadfast in faith, and The Spirit of The Living God will lift a standard against him.
And he will leave you and look for someone else.
One more rider. Always put on the whole armour of God by building and developing yourself spiritually continually, prior to this. Fortifying yourself always with God's word and praying in The Spirit at all times.
But someone there need to start this life of constant victory somewhere. That starting point is new birth in Christ Jesus. It is the visa, license, and if you care to, call it the ticket to the supernatural.
Give your life to Jesus today, and God will from this moment give His angels charge over you to keep and preserve you from this time henceforth.

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